Friday , September 24 2021

Which characters are pregnant in the last season?

WARNING: Spoiler.

Finally, a plot twist Modern family fans can get behind.

During the latest episode of Modern family, which aired on Wednesday night in the United States, viewers from the old sitcom discovered that they would welcome a new generation of the Dunphy family.

Haley Dunphy (played by Sarah Hyland) found she was pregnant during a visit to the emergency room after being hit by a bumper car driven by Dylan's boyfriend and getting lipstick stuck to his nose.

Pregnancy forms another storyline in future episodes, with no known whether Dylan or Haley's other love interests, Arvin is the father.

Hyland teased her character's pregnancy on her social media account, wrote on Instagram that the episode would be "BUMPY's trip" and tweeted: "Ooooooo BABY I'm excited!"

An unexpected plot turnover was received much warmer on Twitter then the last Modern family surprisingly.

Last month, dissatisfied viewers used social media to vent their disappointment when the death of a very "significant" character turned out to be Delia 'DeDe & # 39; Pritchett – ex-wife of Jay Pritchett and Claire Dunphy and mother Mitchell Pritchett.

A touch of angry fans with fans confused who DeDe was – he only appeared in seven episodes Modern family – or furious because the death of the minor character has been stalled for months.

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