Thursday , July 29 2021

World health experts want banning the screen for young children

The World Health Organization calls on parents to keep smartphones and screens away from young children, and children under two will not be given little access to screen time.

The new guidelines attempt to address the issue of childcare in the age of technology, with statistics showing that 95% of families with children under eight have smartphones.

Then an attempt is made to balance the child's reassurance with children's rhyme video and limit screen time to support cognitive development, researchers acknowledging that the problem is not as clear as a simple ban on all screens.

Instead, it is said that children aged two to four should spend no more than an hour a day with access to screen technology, namely to encourage children to develop linguistic and social skills by interacting in real life.

"The more direction we give, the simpler it seems that there will be more discrepancy between what the experts say … and what it is like to be a parent in the real world every day," said Michigan's pediatrician Jenny Radesky before Washington. Post.

One of the key points is that breakthrough technologies such as YouTube's auto-launch feature should be limited and monitored as small children do not have the necessary self-control to interact with these functions in a healthy way.

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