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Yumi Stein cancels the appearance after the fight of Kerry-Anne Kennery

Studio 10 enthusiast Yumi Stein canceled his planned participation in the show today after a bitter clash with lead veteran Kerry-Ann Kennery during yesterday's episode.

The argument began when the group was discussing the protests of the "Invasion Day" weekend, in which thousands of Australians came out on the street to ask for a change in Australia's date.

Cannerly asked if any of the protesters was "out of the Outback where the children, the babies, the five-year-olds were raped? Their mothers are raped, their sisters are raped. What have you done?"

Steins said her statements are "not quite true" and sounds "pretty racist."

"Keep going because every time you open your mouth you sound racist," said Steins.

"I won `t come"

The publication of the invasive account for her cookbook Zero F ** ks Cooking, Stynes ​​revealed she was booked to appear on the show today – but she has given her a day off.

"I was booked to show a recipe from one of my cookbooks … FIND, I decided to spend a day off. This is not due to what happened between Kerry-An and me today. I feel stable and relaxed and as if I am on the right side of the story. Everything is fine. I do not go in because I really want to go to bed and do nothing. It's very important, "she writes.

"I told the new producer, Tamara, I would not come tomorrow. I also gave her the number of my good friend James Mattison, who kindly offered to fill for me as he is available and has done the show several times and that is why I will not leave a hardworking team in trouble. I have no idea if she will take me for the proposal and that's not my problem.

Studio 10 host Harris paid attention to the absence of Stynes ​​from the group at the beginning of today's exhibition, saying "they want it here" and explained that the panel will deal with the issue later in the show – this time with the voice of the local population, leading the discussion.

Green deputy leader Lydia Thorpe and Alice Springs' advisor and candidate for Liberal Party party, Jasina Nakpsinpa, will appear later in today's episode.

Stynes ​​may not be there, but a group of protesters gathered in front of Ten's Sydney's studio this morning:

In the vision received from, it can be seen that a protester from the indigenous people is passionately speaking in front of the crowd via a megaphone on the front steps of Ten & Pyrmont's offices.

"(Kennerley) is unable to make similar comments to our people. Cultural is inappropriate, she says, to greet the crowd.


Former Studio 10 executive producer Rob McKnight supported Kennerley in a one-night post This is exactly why I never drop Yummy Steen in Studio 10. In the play, McKnight admits that he has never met Stynes, but reveals that he "never allowed" to appear Studio 10 during his four-year term as EP.

He accused Steins of casting her co-operator "under the bus" – "and that's not cool."

"Labels like (racist) have the ability to break their careers and it seems that Yumi just does not care," he writes, saying "he always had a bad personality like Yumi on morning TV."

McKnight's views were met with a mixed response in the social media.


Yesterday afternoon, Kennery responded to criticism by telling Ben Ford about 2GB that her comments about sexual abuse in aliens Aboriginal communities had nothing to do with racism.

"I can only assume that Yumi does not know that this is a fact of life because I have never made a racist comment," she said.

"I do not think I'm superior, I do not think anyone else is lower, but I just said one fact."

After doubling her comments, Kennery said she was still offended by Stein's accusations of being racist.

"I'm still offended because this title and you and I know we're in the media, we'll see it again and again, and as soon as you get to Google, Kerry-Anne is racist," she said.

"I take a very personal exception to be called a racist.

Kennery gave up Fordham's question of whether Styles had apologized after the confrontation.

"I'm old enough to know, we're great girls, we can go on with that," she said. "I did not talk to her about it, because the job is over, and you keep on going with our real life.

"But I feel concerned that someone will not read it, will not hear it, will not understand what it is about."


The disagreement between Kennerley and Stynes ​​has moved into the last segment of yesterday's episode, with host Sarah Harris trying to play a peacemaker between them.

As the episode ended, Harris turned to the earlier "fiery" conflicts, saying "do not apologize for it."

"We had a different opinion with Yumi and I, but this is called a mature society in which you can have different opinions without calling. It's called Tolerance, "said Cenerley.

Harris and Joe Hildebrand repeatedly stressed that they were "all friends" before Kennery called Steins, who was silent.

– Ummy, I want a comment here.

"Well, I told you you were calling …" said Steins.

"You called me a racist," Kenrle said.

"And you guess I've done something wrong by telling you," he said, "promising to continue the debate in the next episode, and would even give Cenerley a sarcastic sounding" I love you "through my teeth.

After the episode, the debate was heated in social media:

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