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12 Unknown Apple Watch Features to Use

Some of the best features and useful controls of Apple Watch are not necessarily obvious to the casual user. […]

Apple Watch can ease the lives of users. But it also offers many features that are not obvious at first glance (c)

Apple Watch is a miracle of its miniaturization
can do a lot. There is no reason this is the most popular clock in the world. but
The small display and ease of use leave little room
Lessons and explanations.

Most of the best and most useful features and
Apple Watch's controls are not really hidden, but
still hard to find.

1. Take screenshots

You want to participate in an epic workout or in. T
Apple's watch ranking in the game? Picture of your Apple
Watching is easy. Just hold down the side button and
touch the digital crown (usually you can trigger it
Simply push both buttons at once, which is easier
located on the same side of the clock).

The screen will light up and the screenshot will appear
in the photo library of your iPhone (and your Mac, if you use iCloud,
keep everything in sync).

You first need this feature in the Watch app
activate the iPhone. Go to the My Clock tab, tap
Set it to "General," then scroll down and turn it on
"Activate screenshots" on.

c) IDG

2. Scroll to a list view

You do not have a hexagonal grate of circular, and no
Found app icons that are a little more difficult to navigate? they
you can also turn it into a list! Just press this
Grid (press strongly) to display the network or list options
call. The list view is easier to use, arranged in alphabetical order,
labeled, easier to scroll, and have bigger touch targets. I try
They both use them to decide what you prefer.

3. Turn on the case detector

If you own the 4 Series Apple Watch, it is in
Being able to find when you fall hard will automatically be yours
Notify an emergency contact or even call the emergency service if you are
do not move anymore.

This feature is convenient for everyone, but it's only
then it is enabled by default when you set up Apple Watch
Enter your age and indicate that you are 65 or over.

If you are under 65 and want to activate it,
Open the app to watch on your iPhone and touch the tab
"My Clock" to "Emergency SOS". Here you can
Enable the discovery of the fall and find an edit link
Emergency contacts.

c) Apple

4. Cover to turn off the display and mute the sound

If your face is on, it is dark again
just cover the whole clock with yours

If you have received a notification and have muted
to save notifications
Put your hand over the dial for about three seconds. They become one
Feel the hammer that lets you know it's muted.

This may be in the Apple Watch settings
Disabled. To activate this feature, open the Watch app
Your iPhone. In the My Watch tab, touch
"Tones & Haptics" – There's a key.

5. Forward a call to the mailbox

Are you calling and do not want to answer? crane
double-click the side button (not the digital crown) to make a call
directly in your mailbox. This is the same as double tapping
the side button on your iPhone.

6. Accept an incoming call on your iPhone

When a call comes in, drag up, instead of up
press the "close" or "answer" keys. crane
In iPhone Response. This will answer the call
so do not miss it, but keep it on your iPhone. from
To answer the call, simply tap the green button on your iPhone.

7. Double-click on the crown to switch to the latest application.

Switch between your current application (or
Dial) and the last application that you have opened with double
Pressing the digital crown. This is like double clicking the "Home"
iPhone or iPad with such a key.

8. Delete all notifications

If you're looking at the top of the Apple Watch display
Drag down, see, as on your iPhone, yours

If you have a lot of them and do not follow them individually
If you want to delete them, you can delete them at once

Simply click (hardcover) on your big list
A notification will appear and a large delete button
all notifications.

9. Submit your location

They are busy shopping and late at night
Dinner at home so your husband sends you a message: "Where
Now you have to turn off your basket and get an answer
interventions. Or maybe not?

Press (hold down) the Messages application when it is open
Conversation to open multiple options, including one with
Name "Send location". Touch it next to your contact
to send an overview map of your position.

By default, messages appear automatically on your watch
This is a quick and easy way to answer queries
answer, asking where you are.

10. Make the screen easier to read

If you do not have very good eyesight,
Sometimes Apple Watch can be hard to read. Here are some
Options that can help you.

In the app to watch your iPhone tap on
Then the My Watch tab is General
"Accessibility". There you will find a bold font switch
printed text that makes the text easier to read (the needs of Apple Watch
first reset).

If you need more, click "Zoom"
and activate it. There you will find the appropriate options. they
use it by double clicking Apple Watch with two fingers and
then move two fingers around the magnified screen.

11. Find your iPhone

You can not find your phone, but you know it
should it be here somewhere? While Apple Watch is nearby
(it has a connection with your iPhone), you can find it easily.

Slide up to display the control panel. crane
Then click on the "Find My iPhone" button and your iPhone
will make a sound at full volume. Press and hold down the button
The "Find My iPhone" button and your iPhone will also flash,
so you can easily find it in the dark.

12. Set up learning displays

c) IDG

When you start training in Apple Watch, it shows up
a set of statistics such as pulse, active calories, duration, and so on.
onwards. In fact, you can list this for each individual workout
adapt and rearrange!

In the Watch app on your iPhone, go to My Clock> Learning> View Education. In the list, touch the workout you want to edit, then touch Edit in the upper right corner. You can add, remove, or rearrange the measures that appear to your Apple Watch during a workout.

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