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After Europacup-Aus: Austria's problem with the pig dog

After the end of the third round of qualifying for the Europa League against Apollo Limassol, who gave Austria 1: 2 in Vienna in Nicosia with a 1: 3 (match report >>>), are arguing with Austria.

According to Alexander Grunwald, "small things" were the deciding factor against a not-so-superior opponent. Even Christian Ilzer has other reasons.

Although he and his players, with the decision of Polish referee Powell Gill, qualify for the penalty shootout for Apollo shortly before the break, a light touch on Austria's goalkeeper Maudo Jarju. But the guests couldn't grow up after that.

"The penalty did not change the situation, but we were unable to reverse the match," said Ilzer.

He hinted that Austria also struck the famous domestic bastard. In case of failure, the structure accumulated in Cyprus in the 3-4-3 system will fluctuate. So Ilzer saw the result against Limassol as a lead: "If we are in arrears, we resign too easily, we give the game too easily, so we have to go through our plan and believe in the result."

The pressure is not withdrawn

Grunwald saw the "little details" they had drawn in a match at eye level against Austria. "We could easily win 2-0, 3-0, and of course we managed to deal with the fact that we did not play the counterattack well enough," the captain explained. In the aftermath of the tour, offensive trio Christophe Montshein, Maximilian Sachs and Dominic Fitz failed to use the rooms.

"After 0-1 the team felt pressure," said Apollo coach Sofronis Augusti. His choice of legionnaires outweighed this nonsense.

This is how Ilzer fights for the fourth time in the young season with a defeat. "This game would give a lot more," said the 41-year-old. He has to swear in the team for the next tasks after the first goal of the season, entering the group phase, is impartial.

In the Bundesliga on Sunday at home against the back light of Admira. Grunwald said: "We wanted to enter the Europa League, unfortunately we failed, but we cannot be impressed in the Championship, so we have to make sure we have a lot of fun there and in the Cup this season."

Should a player walk now?

Nevertheless, the joy of qualifying for international business, celebrated in May, has so far given way to killing cats.

Their points in the European Cup did not catch Austria with both defeats. The Viennese, who still play in the Europa League in 2016 and 2017, have not been contacted internationally in the last two seasons and will therefore have to cope with difficult tasks as an ineligible team.

Financially, the European Cup for Austria has not paid off either. The third qualifying round ends with plus / minus zero. Calculated in the budget, the club should reach the playoffs, as manager Marcus Kraechmer noted.

Austria can catch this when leaving a player. For example, the future of Tarkan Serbest is open. The midfielder loaned to Turkey last season may still leave the club.

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