Monday , July 26 2021

After poster of FP: turn around Wolf

The dispute rages: after the heavy interview of Armin Wolf with FOP, General Harald Vilimski is now mobilized against the leading ZiB 2 at the FPÖ.

Correspondents on Facebook, chief Stras, had until yesterday afternoon the thousands of jobs – from an outrageous FPoller who was attacking Wolf. The wolf had stood up against Vilimsky with a hatcheicun from the Nazi leaf. The attacker – what threatened to live on air with "consequences".

As a rat offended

The moderator himself was verbally abusive – after the controversial "Rat poem" he was called "Rat for Birth …" (see fax).

Urabets behind Wolff

AND ORF? There was a silence for Küniglberg first, and then the general of the URB Alexander Urabetz said: He is not allowed to be summoned by Vilimski, who manages the ZR of the ZEB. "Armin Wolf is one of the best journalists in the country, and he treats everyone equally critical, sometimes even with his boss.

Stenzel with a Nazi comparison

Ursula Stenzel, a former ORF leader and now FPÖ adviser in Vienna, is now in the oe24.TV conversation after: If she had asked ORF like Wolf then, "I would not survive." Stenzel then compares the ORF leader not only with the intriguing French revolutionary Saint-Just, who finished the guillotine. Stenzel also said: Wolf can appear in the People's Court – ie. the Nazi court, which has condemned thousands of opponents of the death regime.

FP advisor attacks ORF moderator Stenzel: The wolf can really act in the People's Court "

oe24.TV: How did you like Wolf's interview with Willimski?

Ursula Stenzel: It is surprising to bring a theme into a form that puts the FPÖ NSDAP and the closeness of Stürmer. This is an impossibility. For me, Armin Wolf works – if you know the death of Danton by Buchner, then it is the (revolutionary) note Saint-Just who jumped over Danton. By the way, he himself was guilty.

Oe24.TV: You were a journalist from ORF …

Stenzel: It was like questioning me. When I started at the ORF, I must say that I would not have survived such a thing, despite the Director-General.

Oe24.TV: And Harald Williams did not make a mistake?

Stenzel: Harald Willimski is Grader Michel: he has risen up as the audience would rise. Are they near the ÖVP or the FPÖ. Even Krayski was not afraid of contact with a BFI. The fact that the ORF moderator has been interrogated by such a prosecutor – this can really happen in the People's Court.

SPÖ: Mistrust against Strache

Because of the "careless work" of right-wing extremism.

Wild quarrels in parliament about FPÖ's "lack of distance" towards right-wing extremism.

The latest individual cases of FPÖ, "Rat poets" and RFJ stickers took place in parliament on Thursday. SOP Pamela Rendi-Wagner has submitted a mistrust proposal to the Chief of Staff of the National Institute of Justice because of the lack of distance to right-wing extremism. Moreover, an "urgent investigation" in which the FPÖ's relations are rejected to far-right groups and that these Deputy Chancellor Kurz did not impede the coalition with the FPÖ. The request is addressed to Kurz. Because he lives in China, he is represented by Fear.

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