Saturday , July 31 2021

Android is now running on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo game console key is separate from control elements nothing but an ARM tablet. For this reason, it is not far from the device with a bit more powerful OS equipment – such as Google Android,

Developers It was laws and Max Keller I did just that. You have an early construction android Q of key on work. WLAN and Bluetooth can also be used as can be seen in the video. Even the joyful opponents work accordingly. However, work is still pending elsewhere, so the GPU will be key is currently not supported.

Much work

However, the project is remarkable. If possible in the future android Unlimited on the console to run and can work key thus expanding with many new features and capabilities. Until then, much work has to be done.

Click here for the relevant GitLab for Android on Switch. But if you mess with the firmware on your console, you should know that you are losing warranty claims.

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