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Real-time streaming between iOS and Android devices, tribal communities, massive construction, weapons and domestication

Good news for ARK fans who were supposed to suffer from lack of linguistic support in the mobile version: ARK Survival Evolved is already available on iOS and Android with support for German and four other languages. Additionally, with the current update, there are a number of new features that broaden the game.

As War Drum Studios developers recently announced, it offers the free version of the popular Dino Survival Games for iOS and Android ARK: The experience is evolving After six months of continuous development, a set of features that are bigger than ever. Originally from Studio Wildcard created, offers the mobile version of ARK a unique survival experience in a very popular online world populated not only by potential game partners, but also by dinosaurs and other deadly prehistoric beings. ARK: The experience is evolving can be played for free on iOS and Android devices. With the so-called Primary passage Ads can be disabled There are also reserved server slots, special gifts, and more.

The Mobile Version ARK: The experience is evolving Great new features have been added, including a unique PvX game mode that combines PvP and PvE gaming elements into a chaotic server. Added new creatures like Baryonyx, Iguanodon, Griffin, as well as a variety of options, as well as server transfer options, single player difficulty levels and Survival mode as well as cosmetic and typical items. This update introduces a new photo mode that brings different filters and a convenient image sharing tool through social media. Add to this PVX Clock, a new version of the PvX game mode that adds a constantly changing PvP zone.

The January update also includes an observation tower, an alarm bell (which sends push messages when attacking the base), and new features for Dodo and Spinosaurus. Players can now hatch a donut, keep them up, unlock new skills and, if the ad is big enough, ride them. Also new is the search in the following languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish and Brazilian.

Unique in mobile version of ARK Included features are mailboxes that allow players to send messages and gifts to each other. In addition, there are daily hunting with new challenges and rewards, new engrams for items such as the Water Valve and Geopolymer Cement Foundation, or the ability to recall domesticated wild animals back to the base if they are lost.

ARK: Survivial Evolved

These are the features of the mobile version of ARK: Survival Evolved at a Glance:

More than 90 types of dinosaurs: Use sophisticated strategies and tactics to quench, train, drive or re-educate dinosaurs and other primates as you move through a steady and dynamic ecosystem on land, sea, air, or even underground.

find: Dredge rare drawings and see records of ARC's past residents that provide valuable details of the beings and the history of the mysterious island.

Explore, create and create: Survive by all means, do weapons, clothes and objects, build shelters, villages or even big cities! Plant, collect, build, develop and personalize everything visually and functionally – with dynamically generated RPG statistics of creatures, characters, resources, clothing, equipment and weapons; both prehistoric and modern.

Play alone or in a team to survive: Find up to 60 other players in a very growing online multiplayer world in terms of the first person to join them or catch them. Or switch to a single player mode to test your cut in the fight against dinosaurs only.

Select highway: Tribal System maintains cooperative behavior and allows players to share resources, experience points, and core points of replication.

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