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ATP World Tour Final 2018 live streaming + TV: Tennis semi-final with Roger Federer today. Alexander Zverev

The best for the last! The eight most successful players from tennisSearch season this week London the world champion is not official. Also German number one Alexander Zverev in the series for the second time, but only considered an outsider. What he made from the opportunity and how you can live there, you can find it here.

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Switching games from London will be handled exclusively by pay TV channels sky. On Sunday, 11.11.2018, at 3:00 p.m. at Sky Sports 2 HD with Dominic Thiem vs. game Kevin Anderson takes place. All other dates can be found in the following table. If you prefer to watch online games, just use it stream directly through Sky Go, which runs parallel to TV broadcasts.

Sky broadcast dates according to the "ATP World Tour Finals 2018" schedule

date time of day meeting transmitter winner
Sunday, 11.11.2018 3 pm Thiem – Anderson Sky Sport 2 HD Anderson
Sunday, 11.11.2018 At 9 o'clock in the evening Federer – Nishikori Sky Sports 1 HD / Sky Go Nishikori
Monday, 12.11.2018 3 pm Zverev – Cilic Sky Sports 1 HD / Sky Go Zverev
Monday, 12.11.2018 At 9 o'clock in the evening Djokovic – Isner Sky Sports 1 HD / Sky Go Djokovic
Tuesday, 13.11.2018 3 pm Anderson – Nishikori Sky Sports 1 HD / Sky Go Anderson
Tuesday, 13.11.2018 At 9 o'clock in the evening Thiem – Federer Sky Sports 1 HD / Sky Go Federer
Wednesday, 14.11.2018 3 pm Djokovic – Zverev Sky Sports 1 HD / Sky Go Djokovic
Wednesday, 14.11.2018 At 9 o'clock in the evening Cilic – Isner Sky Sports 1 HD / Sky Go Cilic
Thursday, 15.11.2018 3 pm Thiem – Nishikori Sky Sports 1 HD / Sky Go Thiem
Thursday, 15.11.2018 At 9 o'clock in the evening Federer – Anderson Sky Sports 1 HD / Sky Go Federer
Friday, 16.11.2018 3 pm Zverev – Isner Sky Sports 1 HD / Sky Go Zverev
Friday, 16.11.2018 At 9 o'clock in the evening Djokovic – Cilic Sky Sports 1 HD / Sky Go Djokovic
Saturday, 17.11.2018 3 pm 1st Semifinal with Roger Federer – Alexander Zverev Sky Sports 1 HD / Sky Go
Saturday, 17.11.2018 At 9 o'clock in the evening 2nd Semifinal with Novak Djokovic – Kevin Anderson Sky Sports 1 HD / Sky Go
Sunday, 18.11.2018 7 nights final Sky Sports 1 HD / Sky Go

High-class tennis: These pro players compete in the "ATP World Tour Finals 2018"

As the top favorite, ranked first in the Serbian world, Novak Djokovic began. Also because Spain's Rafael Nadal is missing. Eight participants from ATP World Tour Finals:

Group "Guga Kuerten"

Novak Djokovic (31 / Serbia / number 1): The Serbs are the top favorite in the tournament. In May, Djokovic thought about the end of his career, but in the second half of this year he was unstoppable. Prizes: Djokovic returned to first place in the world rankings.

John Isner (33 / USA / 10): The giant hit from the US moved to the field for injured Rafael Nadal. Play the most consistent season in his career so far. Meanwhile, it is no longer only serving Isner as a weapon.

Alexander Zverev (21 / Germany / 5): The number one German is in London for the second time. Winning three tournaments this year, but there are criticisms. Because at the Grand Slam he can't be convinced this year.

Marin Cilic (30 / Croatia / 7): Cilic was in London for the fourth time. Croatia never jumped to the semifinals. Having been on the top of the world for years, was at the Australian Open in the final at the beginning of the year.

"Lleyton Hewitt" Group:

Roger Federer (37 / Switzerland / 3): Outstanding performances aimed at the seventh title in the ATP Finals – and the 100th tournament victory of his unique career. The favorite role he gave but Djokovic fought what he lost in Paris in the gripping semi-final.

Kevin Anderson (32 / South Africa / 6): Like Isner's debutant at the ATP World Championship – at the age of 32 years. Worse at Wimbledon when he first defeated Federer and then made it to the final in the second longest match in the history of the tournament against Isner. But he lost to Djokovic.

Dominic Thiem (25 / Austria / 8): Reject the opening match against Anderson. The APA news agency said: "This is all possible from a goalless and smooth departure in the group stage for tournament wins." This applies to every player.

Kei Nishikori (28 / Japan / 9): The former US Open finalist moved on to replace Juan Martin del Potro, who had to cancel due to a knee injury. Lost at the Masters tournament in Paris against Federer in the quarterfinals the last two straight sets. Outsiders in groups.

All results from "ATP World Tour Finals 2018"

+++ 17.11.2018: Zverev calls on Federer Idol in the ATP World Cup +++ semifinals

Alexander Zverev had to postpone a long-awaited holiday. But it can overcome the best German tennis player well, the reason is fun. As the first German player since Rainer Schüttler 15 years ago, the 21-year-old has reached the semi-finals of the ATP World Championship and will now be rewarded with a duel against his idol Roger Federer. At 3pm, Zverev and Federer will face each other on Saturday in London, while evening world number one Novak Djokovic and Kevin Anderson from South Africa will face each other in the second semifinal.

"It's great to be in the semifinals, of course, but the tournament isn't over," Zverev said after his two-set victory against American John Isner on Friday for his second appearance in the top eight players of the tournament. the first time the group phase survives. "Now against Roger, it will be a difficult match, but hopefully it's fun," said the world number five.

The balance between Zverev and 16-year-old Federer spoke briefly for Switzerland. Of the five duels Federer has won three. So was a year ago at the ATP World Championship in London, when Zverev had to give up in the first round in three sets. "I hope I can balance the balance," Zverev said.

Two months ago, they both won the Laver Cup together in Chicago. "It is well known that we are good friends," said Zverev, who Federer is also a mentor. When Zverev retired at the Australian Open early in the third round, Federer took the young German aside and gave him courage. On Saturdays, Switzerland will not take into account genuine Hamburger. Finally, he was eyeing the 100th title of his impressive career in London.

+++ Nov 16, 2018: Djokovic in the ATP Finals without losing the set in the semifinal +++

Novak Djokovic has escaped the preliminary round at the ATP World Tour Finals in London without losing the set. The number one player in the tennis world rankings wins on Friday with 7: 6 (9: 7) 6: 2 against Croat Marin Cilic. The 31-year-old Serbian earlier qualified for this Saturday's semi-final (21.00) against South Africa Kevin Anderson. In other semi-final matches, German top players Alexander Zverev and Swiss veteran Roger Federer faced each other from 3:00 p.m.

Djokovic performed well, losing just five points to his own service and blocking the ball set in the first set tiebreaker. He won in 95 minutes without consuming too much energy.

+++ 16.11.2018: Zverev ATP World Championship for the first time in the semifinals – now against Federer +++

German top player Alexander Zverev has reached the semi-finals for the first time at the ATP World Tour Finals. The 21-year-old won on Friday in London for his final group match against America John Isner with 7: 6 (7: 5), 6: 3 and finished the initial group round so that behind the first Serbian world ranking Novak Djokovic in second place. In the semifinals, Zverev now faces Swiss tennis star Roger Federer. The native Hamburg turned the ball of his first match to Isner after 1:21. Previously, Zverev won against Croatia's Marin Cilic and beat Djokovic.

Zverev was the first German since Rainer Schüttler 15 years ago, who was in the semi-finals at the ATP World Championship. "Of course it's very special, also because this very special tournament is equivalent to Grand Slam," Zverev said on pay TV channel Sky.

"I am very happy to be here for the first time in the semifinals," Zverev said after his strong performance. "This is a very, very close match, I play very good tennis especially in the tiebreaker, that's important," said the best German pro, who is now looking forward to a duel with his idol Federer. "I will try to recover and prepare myself as well as possible, and Roger leads the race against me with victory and I hope I can make it up tomorrow."

Zverev showed a very concentrated performance against Isner from the start. Especially on service, number five in the world can rely on this time. And although Zverev has recently complained of shoulder pain and complained of long season difficulties.

But against his good friend, Isner, with whom he trained again and again in the US who adopted, Zverev looked healthy and fresh. Overall, he beat 18 aces, and even eight more than Isner, who is considered one of the strongest serving players. With 134 km / h, he also managed to serve the fastest service. "I have built several muscles, and even if you can't see it, it seems to help," Zverev said in a good mood after the match.

In the first set, both players served their games through sovereignty. Only at a score of 5: 6 Zverev had a breakthrough ball against him, but deflected a ball which was arranged from Isner but with an ace in a very impressive way. In the tiebreaker Zverev had better nerves and secured the first round after 49 minutes. It was clear that Isner had no chance to advance. The concentration in America therefore fell slightly, which Zverev used for important breaks for 5: 3.

+++ 15.11.2018: Thiem maintains a minimum chance to the semifinals – victory against Nishikori +++

Dominic Thiem maintained his minimal opportunities for the semifinals at the ATP World Tour Finals from the eight best tennis pros. The 25-year-old Austrian defeated Kei Nishikori Japan 6-1, 6-0 on Thursday in London. After the first win in the third match of "Lleyton Hewitt" group Thiem now has to wait for the results of the evening match between Swiss Roger Federer and Kevin Anderson of South Africa: Only in a smooth victory by Anderson Thiem will still be in the race. South Africa has reached the semi-finals of the annual final tournament before its third group match.

After 1:25 hours, Thiem flipped the ball of his first match. The Austria, number 8 in London, celebrated its second victory in the O2 arena in the fifth duel with Nishikori. Before the tournament, he told APA, "It's all possible to go from singing and singing in the group stage to winning the tournament, and that applies to every player."

+++ 11/14/2018: Tennis Ace Zverev lost against Djokovic – World Cup semi-final in danger +++

Professional Alexander Zverev has lost his first defeat at the ATP World Tour Finals in the second match and now has to worry about qualifying for the semi-finals. Two days after his opening win against Croatia Marin Cilic, 21 years old from Hamburg defeated First World Ranking Novak Djokovic on Wednesday with 4: 6, 1: 6. After 1:17, the ten-year-old converted the ball to his second match. In the third duel of the "Guga Kuerten" preliminary group Zverev met on Friday at American John Isner.

+++ 13.11.2018: Federer is back on track at the final ATP – Remove victory against Thiem +++

Tennis superstar Roger Federer may hope to get a place in the semi-finals at the ATP World Tour Finals. Switzerland beat Dominic Thiem of Austria 6-2, 6-3 on Tuesday night in London to make up for their defeat on Sunday. After two successes, the Grand Slam winner 20 times and the record-winning winner on Thursday in the final group match against Kevin Anderson still got the chance to make progress on the road.

+++ 13.11.2018: Pro tennis player Anderson beats Nishikori +++

Kevin Anderson can plan for tennis professionals at the ATP World Tour Finals in the semi-finals. South Africa beat Kei Nishikori of Japan smoothly 6-0, 6-1 on Tuesday to celebrate their second success in the second game. Because Anderson also won the first match in the set, the semifinals were to bring him only theoretically. The 32-year-old will also be a possible semi-final opponent of Alexander Zverev, who started on Monday with a win against Marin Cilic in the eight best professional tournament of the year and also has good prospects for the semifinals.

+++ 12.11.2018: Djokovic won the first match at ATP Finals +++

World number one Novak Djokovic has underlined his favorite position at the ATP World Tour Finals with his first win. Serbia defeated John Isner on Monday night in London 6: 4, 6: 3, making a big step towards the semi-finals. Djokovic met on Wednesday on the day of the group's second match at Alexander Zverev. Giant giant Isner challenged Djokovic with a strong return and the right punch. Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is in the audience on the London O2 scene.

+++ 12.11.2018: Start custom made for Zverev: Zweisatzerfolg Compete against Cilic +++

Alexander Zverev has started at the ATP World Tour Finals and can hope for the first time in the semifinals at the year-end tournament in London. The 21-year-old Hamburger beat Australian Open finalist Marin Cilic 7: 6 (7: 5), 7: 6 (7: 1) on Monday, taking a big step forward in the group stage "Guga Kuerten". After a weak start and a 2: 5 deficit, Zverev became stronger in the process, leaving his Croatian opponents with no chance in a game that was prone to mistakes in deciding tie-breaks.

+++ 11.11.2018: Federer loses a kick-off match against Nishikori +++

Tennis star Roger Federer surprisingly lost his opening match to the ATP World Tour Finals in London. The 37-year-old Swiss defeated Kei Nishikori of Japan on Sunday evening 6: 7 (4: 7), 3: 6. After only 88 minutes, the duel was decided to win the ninth rank in the world.

+++ 11.11.2018: Anderson won the opening match at the Tennis World Cup against Thiem +++

Wimbledon finalist Kevin Anderson won the inaugural match at the ATP World Tour Finals in London. The 32-year-old from South Africa won on Sunday against Austria's Dominic Thiem with 6: 3, 7: 6 (12:10).

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