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Axamer Landesstraße accident: Motorcyclist dies in clinic

Axams – In a frontal collision with a passenger car, a motorcyclist was seriously injured Thursday afternoon at 3:15 pm on Axamer Road. Riding up, 26-year-old locals overtook a passenger car driving in front of them, despite the oncoming traffic, police said. For some unknown reason, he could not be classified on time, which is why he collided with the oncoming car. The rider was thrown into the road.

He was resuscitated on the spot. He was escorted to a clinic in Innsbruck by helicopter. There the man died a little later than his serious injuries.

The 53-year-old driver of the oncoming car, also a local driver, and his son remained unharmed in the accident. Aksamer Road was completely closed for the duration of the surveys for about two hours, traffic was diverted over a large area. (

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