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Barbara Becker: "I did not have the strength to get up again"

In "To Dance" Barbara Becker put the soul to striptease and revealed how much he suffered after the divorce by Boris Becker.

In "Let's Dance" Barbara Becker (52) literally dances the soul every week. Mother of two sons and her dance partner, Masimo Sinatos (38), fights for every point. In this episode, Barbara is overwhelmed by her feelings and even crying in front of the jury.

Well, with whom Barbara "Dance" colleague Evelyn Bourdetsky refers to the romantic candle supper?

She was devastated

Boris Becker's ex-wife (51) chose "I'll Survive" by Gloria Geinor for the modern pop anthem (69). Getting and moving is a topic that is repeated throughout life, according to Afro-Germans at Einspieler. From a young age she is alone, because her father has never been home, and her mother has to work a lot, she admitted. But that's not all. "During my first divorce, I often did not have the strength to become," says Barbara.

Meanwhile, Barbara is pleased with her Juan. Here we introduce you to the man in her life:

It only continued for her children

Your sons Noah (25) and Elias (19) they have helped her keep movinghen. "You do not have time to lick your wounds and stay there when you have children," she explained. She had struggled to find herself again. Today she seems more fond of her former husband. After all, according to the lifestyle expert, it was a great time.

Elias has just changed his style and is barely recognizable with his new hairstyle:

Raspelkurz and suddenly blond: His son grew quite a bit


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Barbara and Massimo were lamenting

Not only with Barbara, but also with Massimo, the rest of the dance "I will survive" Runways. They both laughed as they stood before the jury. With a fragile voice, Massimo thanked his partner. He also thanked everyone who stood up for the couple during the support dance.

The emotions that released Barbara from the dance did not miss its impact on the audience and the jury: it is a tour and will enchant us again next week.

Oliver Poucher shows bold clothes, but everyone talks about one thing:


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