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Börse Express – Mozilla relies on the game company's KI for the development of Firefox in the future

Prevent errors before they are made
– Mozilla uses Artificial in its Firefox browser
Intelligence of the Ubisoft game maker. The development of new
Versions will use the Clever Commit tool in the future,
announced the charity on Tuesday night. "We
we expect from us to do this over hundreds of hours in risk analysis
and finding bugs, "the statement said.
In the end, three to four of five mistakes can be found
even before being programmed into the code. Consumers must
benefit from more stable versions of the browser.

The engagement assistant has Ubisoft for the first time about a year ago
presented at a conference of developers in Montreal. He is coming
Innovative company La Forge of the Canadian company.
Based on artificial intelligence, the tool detects patterns of
Programming errors directly into software development and need
thus complicated subsequent troubleshooting is superfluous.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft's intelligent assistant with a
feed many lines of code. Based on that in it
contain errors and the corresponding adjustments foresee
Helpful suggestions for developers. Ubisoft himself expects
that he "assumes" an assistant up to 70 percent of the cost in. t
It can keep the development of the game. But that's a huge amount
Data and huge amount of computing power is required
La Forge boss Iv Jacques, the American Wired Magazine. / Gray / DP / zb

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