Saturday , May 21 2022

Carpal tunnel syndrome: Which therapy helps with hand pain?


NTwenty years ago, hardly anyone knew what to do with the term carpal tunnel syndrome. But now, most of this wrist tightening, which presses the middle nerve nerve to the toes so hard that they "fall asleep" painfully, which in turn – because it happens especially at night – causes massive sleep disturbances. Because of this, patients with the syndrome are often recognized by the fact that they appear quite damaged. The duration of the disease has in recent years led to more and more alternative therapies being used against them. Like acupuncture, high-dose vitamin B6 and red laser irradiation, but the evidence for their effectiveness is scarce. A recent study by Tehran University of Medicine, in which carpal tunnel syndrome can be alleviated by ozone injections, sounds almost adventurous. What really helps with pain?

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