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Causa Strache-Video: What does Jan Böhmermann know?

Vienna – The German satirist Jan Böhmermann is already in April, the affair about Friday's statements by FOC leader Heinz-Christian Strash, about hidden party financing and government procurement. In a video for this year's awards ceremony at the Academy of Roma in April, he made relevant hints that, of course, he received as a satire.

"Russian Oligarchhenville of Ibiza"

In the message sent to the guests on April 11, the satirist said that "unfortunately today he can not be present in Vienna, which of course has a particularly positive historical call for me as a German."

"While enjoying the gala, drinking sparkling wine, eating delicious sandwiches, and charmingly trying not to let Gernot Blümel feel how much he despises him (…), I am now quite overwhelmed and Red Bull. with a few FPÖ business friends in a Russian Villa of Ibiza's oligarch – and they are negotiating whether and how I can capture the Kronen Zeitung, and the opinion in Austria can take me.

But he was not allowed to talk about it, "said Böhmermann," so thank you very much, thank you, thank you. Finally, Böhmermann turned to the guests: "Everyone interested in Europe votes on May 26 – And those who think the Austrian government does a good job do not vote until May 27th. "

"We go to Ibiza"

This Friday, after announcing the cause, Böhmermann published his Twitter channel and then commented on a Vengaboys Youtube video. Title: "We go to Ibiza!" (ARA)

Journalist: Böhmermann also offers video

As Leila Al Serory, a journalist at Southern German newspaper, explained on Friday night in "ZiB 2", Böhmermann also drains the video. "We know that Jan Böhmermann has also received the video or suggested, but the Satiric refused to investigate the matter or do anything about it. (APA, TT.com)

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