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Causa Strache's Filzmaier: "Only bad opportunities" for a short time

Political scientist Peter Filzmaier I do not want to appreciate whether Strache affair too new elections can lead to. "It's all in the hands of the Federal Chancellor, but not necessarily in the hands of the Federal Chancellor FPÖ", so that Filzmaier on Friday evening against APA, Sebastian Kurtz announced a statement on Saturday. He just has to choose from bad options, so Filzmaier,

During the preparations there was speculation that Kurz Straches resignation request or immediately give up the coalition. Filzmaier believes the chancellor has "just a choice between bad opportunities". – The question is which option promises the most.

IN ZIB2 told Filmaier that in the case of new elections damage clearly in. t FPÖ he will lie.

new elections to have a "flight ahead", according to the model Wolfgang Cup 2002, he says Filzmaier, But in his view, the election due to the deadline is no longer possible before the summer. This threatens a long-term election campaign in May, as in 2017 – after re-election of the then NEO ÖVP boss Kurz.

Against continuing with upgraded staff FPÖ He again speaks that then Kurt in some further revelations "in the boat" sits. Additional, FPÖ the ability to fast withdrawal Staches de facto with his first reaction ("Methods of Silberstein"), he says Filzmaier,

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