Friday , November 27 2020

Communication about new consoles already in 2019?

from David Martin
Players must continue to wait for messages from the PS5 and the new Xbox. But it will not take long until Sony and Microsoft have introduced their new consoles. At least this is the conclusion of the statements of analyst Matt Pisatella. He expects both PS5 and Xbox Scarlett (work title) to be announced in 2019. He also believes in a fall in sales for current models next year.

Fans still have to wait for tangible details about the PS5 and the new Xbox. Though Sony and Microsoft are reminded that they are already working on new consoles. Specific details are not available to the heirs of PS4 and Xbox One. For a long time, fans should not wait for accurate information. This is at least obvious from the current statements of analyst Matt Pisatella. He expects sales of the current models to be delayed next year. At the same time, he reports on the Short Message Service, which believes in announcing PS5 and Xbox Scarlett (presumed work title) in 2019.

The fact that at least Sony is actively working on introducing the PS5, as has been pointed out recently for the PlayStation's E3 2019 manufacturer's rejection. It is believed that Sony will have to show enough for the big June fair for the current PlayStation 4. Rather, the company will be preparing to announce the PS5. It is possible that the presentation of the new console will consist of a separate event – away from the big games.

Also, Microsoft can continue to announce the next Xbox. Redmond has the E3 2019 but is firmly committed. No specific details are available due to lack of opinions. This also applies to the possible release dates of the PS5 and the new Xbox. Experts have recently begun publishing in 2020 or 2021. If the devices actually show up next year, startups can be made earlier. Our theme pages for PS5 and Xbox One keep you up to date.

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