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Daniela Buchner shocks with this action: "I never wanted Jens" – Panorama


Daniela Buchner now shocks with THIS action: "Jens would never want this"

Daniela Buchner provokes heated discussions.

Daniela Buchner provokes heated discussions.

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"I would never do that", these are the words of an expat fan Deutschland Daniela Buchner, The widow of Jens Buchner's alias "Malle-Jens" is now chuckling with something you probably wouldn't expect.

Only a few days passed Daniela Buchner sent sad greetings over the holidays on social media and let her fans know how quiet the days are after the emotional storm of months gone by.

It's been eight months since her husband, Jens, lost his fight against cancer. Eight months in which Danny goes on alone – as best he can. But as intimate as it is now, the 41-year-old has probably never seen one.

Daniela Buchner shocks fans with this photo

On Instagram, Daniela reveals herself strangely wrapped in a linen towel with her right hand on her chest and a smile on her face. She proudly writes: "Have the courage to serve you in your own mind. Courage is when you are scared to death, but you are still rocking in the saddle. Those who admit to being cowards have the courage. Being completely alone can require some courage. "


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Posting on Instagram by Daniela Buchner: That's how fans react

And for the "courage" his wife Jens Buchner now has to listen a lot, because their followers find this action simply tasteless:

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“Danny, Jens would never want that. Too bad you thought you were a strong woman. Well, you need to know what's good for you. I would never do that. All the best. Always remember your children. You are a mother without a model … "

  • "Neither of us would have done such a thing so soon after the death of man!"
  • "I do not understand what you, as a fresh widow, need for such photographs."

However, some Instagram users suspect that the action is a kind of horror.

Model and DJ Jane Julia Siegel commented on the photo. She's Danny, like some other fan: "You look so balanced in the picture. I hope the dark days get less and the pain goes away. Think about you. "(J)

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