Monday , July 26 2021

Diamond "Pink Legacy" made 39.1 million euros at Christie's auction

The bidding war lasted about six minutes before the auction ended: "Pink Legacy" pink diamonds of 18.96 carats won around 39.1 million euros at an auction in Geneva. With auctions and other fees, a total of 44.3 million euros is due. That was what Christie's auction house said in a statement.

Because the weight and color are intense, almost uniform, this gem is considered by the connoisseurs to be very extraordinary. Only one in 100,000 diamonds has such quality, they said. "For me, this stone is a Leonardo da Vinci diamond," said Christie's head in Europe, François Curiel.

The auction house has given an estimated price of "Pink Legacy" with 27 to 44 million euros. The stone was discovered more than a hundred years ago in South Africa and processed in the twenties. He was owned for a long time by the Oppenheimer family. Now gems belonging to US luxury jewelry Harry Winston – and the company changed their name to diamond: in "The Winston Pink Legacy".

High demand for very rare pieces has caused prices to rise sharply in recent years. For example, in November 2017, the "The Pink Promise" diamond, weighing just under 15 cc, had produced around 28.7 million euros at an auction in Hong Kong.

On Wednesday, the jewelry auction continues in Geneva: Sotheby's will auction off pieces of jewelry once owned by Queen France Marie Antoinette – and has not been publicly exhibited for 200 years.

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