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dm and Rossmann throw products out of shelves – because of the intoxicating effect

In the drugstore giants Rossmann and DM are already banned popular shelf products. The reason sounds strange.

Update on April 25, 2019: Again and again articles disappear forever from the branches of the German pharmacies. This is also true for a number of oils that dm and Rossmann have recently added to their product range.

CBD-containing oils are no longer available from dm and Rossmann

The cause of the deletion is the active ingredient cannabidiol, a short CBD, which is said to be contained in the oils and is derived from the female cannabis plant, i. E. cannabis. This can be used in many products, such as chewing gum or even cosmetics.

Although it is not expected that CBD, as long as it is not consumed in extremely large quantities, may have an intoxicating effect, but the substance remains controversial.

Although, as reported by among other things, it is classified toxicologically only as "slightly psychoactive", its effects are still not fully explored. For example, a person still disagrees with the effects of cannabidiol, especially in combination with drugs such as antiepileptic drugs.

dm and Rossmann: Legal changes to products containing CBD are considered

Last but not least, and therefore the sale of products containing CBD is not yet fully regulated. At the request of and the spokesperson of Rossmann and dm said that their CBD-containing oils are now removed from the sale.

We are currently examining the legal changes in the sale of these products, which is why the suspension of sales is only applied initially and only for oils containing CBD. Other cosmetics or cannabidiol-based chewing gums have not been affected at least for the time being.

dm expels the water sprayers from the assortment

First notification of April 20: Customers from Karlsruhe – dm, who would like to fill their gas gas in the pharmacy chain with new gas cartridges, now look for the shelves in vain. Even the bubbler himself is no longer in dm's offer. This obviously has its reasons.

Water sprayers are now in vogue. According to a survey by the GfK Market Research Institute, one in ten households owns such a device. So far, Soda-Stream, which owns a quasi-monopoly on the bucket market, has so far benefited. The business is especially lucrative as it does not remain with the unit purchase of the device. Afterwards, soda lovers should regularly buy the appropriate gas cartridges. As many customers then return to the brand of the device – which should be 90% of the German soda stream.

dm-out: the soda stream should use market power

The dm is now, but for the soda stream. The drug chain ejected the soda from the assortment Lebensmittelzeitung The reported. Accordingly, the giant of the bubbling market uses its market power in part in the price negotiations. dm now had to pull the ripcord. Behind it is also likely that there are now many alternatives with Wassermaxx, Happymix, soda club and Co.

dm replaces the soda stream with soda

For its part, dm now turns into soda instead of soda. The company specializes in the production of universal gas cartridges. So soda owners can continue to shop in dm cartridges. And even cheaper: While the original soda cassette cost so far 8.45 euros, dm requires a soda cylinder only 6.95 euros.

If you want to stay true to the market leader Soda-Stream, you will find the gas cartridge of the company in many other stores such as Rossmann, Kaufhof, Real, Edeka, Hit or Kaufland.

Video: Retro siphon with soda

In contrast, Aldi customers can rejoice that the discounter has included one of the most popular summer products in their offer. But there are hazards at the moment: for example, Aldi recalls a sausage product because he has found deadly bacteria in it.

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