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Do you have hair loss? Then eat eggs! – Health

At first the hairline disappears, at the same time there is a lack of hairs in the back of the head. When men run out of hair, panic spreads quickly. The alleged remedies against bald spots are sufficient now. Whether it really helps is another matter. You can prevent hair loss much earlier. And with the diet.

In short: Food and drinks have no influence on the "decoration" of the head alone. Of course, genes also play an important role. However, bad nutrition has a negative impact on hair. To feel good, hair needs a lot of vitamin B, proteins, fats and minerals. But you also have to resort to the right products. Who eats fast food and soft drinks, his hair suffers.

These foods help in the loss of hair

Especially positive effects are the eggs. The simple reason: hair consists mainly of proteins. For this reason an egg a day definitely can not hurt. Whether cooked, like a fried egg or as an omelette. The main thing is protein and yolk is consumed.

Also important for hair are omega-6 fatty acids, zinc, selenium, iron, copper, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A and B – all the nutrients that hair needs for healthy hair growth. They are found in sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, cashew and chia seeds. Because of their ingredients, nuts and seeds can naturally stop or completely prevent hair loss.

What is also helpful is spinach and salmon. If you regularly integrate these foods into the diet, you will notice an improvement in the hair structure in just a few weeks.

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