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Does the athlete Beat Feuz provide the sun on the big downhill? – Skiing

Ski alpine skiing is currently fighting on many fronts. With new formats, as well as thoughts of reducing the starting fields, he fights for the benefit of the audience. And with more and more snow guns he fights against the changing climate that has become noticeable in the middle of the season in many places with extreme weather conditions.

Although the period of good time allowed the Swiss team in St. Moritz to have optimal training conditions for a longer period of time. The view of the bottomless top, shrinking glaciers, and the brown slopes of the slopes, which are getting slacker at the end of autumn, also drive drivers and employees more and more carefully. "If we get to the point where we have to compete in the halls, ski is dead for me," said Jean Franco Kasper, chairman of the International Ski Federation, in Solden in late October, time shifted from one extreme to another .

Concentration capability is tested

The unpleasant development of Lake Louise is not spared. In 2016, men had to be canceled due to lack of snow and too high temperatures, this year with a delay could give a green light for the speedy start. Just in time for men's scheduled departure on Saturday and Super-G on Sunday, the winter arrived.

This allows athletes to concentrate on their core business for the moment – with the strength of concentration being tested by another tragedy. One year after the fatal catastrophe of Frenchman David Poisson, Gryons A-Team pilot Gian-Luka Barrandun paid paragliding with his life.

Focus on sports

The closer the competitions are, the more drivers need to hide these unpleasant aspects and put the emphasis on sports. The fact that the first season results, especially Marcel Hirscher's slalom victories over Henrik Christofferson and Mikaela Schifring in front of Petra Vulchova, confirmed that splintering in the summer could be strong over the pile is a good sign for Beat Feuz.

The nurse, who first became a father in June, won the small crystal ball for best rider last season, was on the eighth podium of the World Cup and won two medals at the South Korean Olympics. Also promising is the fact that his knee does not cause any new problems in preparation.

How are you doing Carlo Yanka?

The fact that Phoeus' hardest opponents will come from their own camp is unlikely because it did not go as planned in the previous winter. As the 12th place in the downhill ranking and 15th in the Super G Mauro Caviezel was the second best Swiss. But this is an increase quite reasonable. The team circles had to hear that Grison's 30-year-old's achievements in the training were promising.

One of the questions of Swiss skiing is how Carlo Yanka defeats cross-link injuries during the season. He is still not at the same level as a year ago before the injury, announced the 2010 Olympic champion. He also proved to be so poorly coping with the new shoe material that still resorts to the old model.

Big issues of Swiss Ski

It is also unclear whether Patrick Kung, the world champion in 2015, will receive the turn after the failed season. Will Gilles Roulin be able to grow again despite the double burden of studying the law. If Mark Gissin could be quick somewhere else than in Kitzbuehel and Wengen. How much Niels Hintermann returns after a missed past season and a shoulder operation. And whether the young man Marko Odermatt is already a factor in the fast-paced disciplines.

The open door is open for the resignation

The place of the sun may make Feise down in the descent to deal with the past. These are Austria's Vincent Krehmarer, whom Feise admires for the technical glamorous driving style, veteran Axel Swindall, Dominic Parris, Max Meyer, Thomas Rocken and Kettil Yanks – with a question mark behind Swindal. The Norwegian, who was physically limited for some time, still has the back door open for retirement after his knee problems increased in the Winter Olympics. Although in October he could train for the first time in October, he still appreciates his chances to continue his career at just 50%.

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