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ESC 2019: Disturbing Scandal – Because of this mistake, Germany is even worse

ESC 2019 on the Exchange: Four days after the ESC came a disturbing scandal. Due to an error in counting, Germany has moved one place back.

  • Once again, Germany failed in the ESC: zero points in the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv (Israel).
  • Only the jury's points prevented the full disaster for the nurses from the German participants.
  • However, Sisters cheer in the Eurovision ARD interview as if they had won the ESC.
  • The failure hinted earlier: With the betting on the bookmaker, the German Sister Nurse's contribution was the last.
  • Duncan Laurence (Holland) won the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • ESC 2019 launches at 21:00 at the Israeli Trade Fair and Congress Center in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Update May 22, 21:30: Germany has done even worse at the Eurovision in Tel Aviv than previously thought. The Duet S! Sters moved after a new calculation from the third to final position of the finalists. Guilt is a mistake in counting due to "human error". This was announced by the international organizer, the European Broadcasting Union EBU in Geneva, on Wednesday evening, about four days after the final Saturday night in Israel.

The disqualification of the Belarusian jury that had wiped out their points was made. As the jury's assessment no longer counts in the final, the EBU calculated a "substitution result", which meant data comparable to the ESS countries. In this calculation, "due to human error" the wrong end result has been achieved.

This has no effect on the Dutch ESC winner Duncan Lawrence (25, "Arcade") and the second, third and fourth. However, for example, in the basement of ranking Germany with the duo S! Sters and Belarus like "It Like" exchange their seats. Undoubtedly the absolute bottom of ESC 2019 is and remains the British Michael Rice ("Bigger Than Us"). The EBU and its partners deeply regret the mistake in their own words.

ESC 2019: The TV host has exploded completely – Now she gets clear criticism: "As an idiot!"

Update from May 21, 16:00: Many internet users are celebrating TV host Emma Worbelber for having dared to mock Madonna in the ESC show (see update May 20) when she was allowed to announce the points for the Netherlands. But in their homeland, heated discussions about the 22-year-old young man. Because the sentence against Madonna was far from everything. On the one hand, she put herself in the center of attention and enthusiastically welcomed her being allowed to announce the points.

And later she was back in the center, as had to be another: Duncan Lawrence won for Orange ESC. But Emma Wortelbar was briefly shown. She was happy that her country won the World Cup, all Olympic disciplines, ESC, and the euro jackpot and lotto itself.

Both actions received enthusiasm like stunned Twitter reactions. A television colleague was irritating her, but now she was rude: Patty Bird. how reported, came to the TV show Shownieuws too drastic words.

"I think it should be forbidden to put anyone in the spotlight," Patty Bird snorted. "We are the Netherlands, we are represented in these 30 seconds by someone who acts as an idiot, Emma Wortelboer." Please do not talk about yourself if she allocates twelve points. Bird wondered which dealer he had.

Emma Wortelboer has a chance to be justified. "It seemed like we won the World Cup. I was very hysterical and incredibly happy. It was something I've been waiting for all my life. As far as my hysteria is concerned, I really do not care what people think about it. That's how I felt. And I can not hide that. So it was a great night. It was really fantastic.

Not only on her pink ESC clothing, it can be seen that 22-year-old Emma Wertelberger is pretty painless and is not afraid of unusual action. She also tries out a full technology bus if you can get an orgasm from a strong bass.

ESC 2019: Almost no one noticed Madonna's terrible phrase in the live show – it's priceless

Update May 20, 12:06: The conversation after ESC 2019 offers less in this country, the winner from the Netherlands. But rather the poor performance of the sisters. And of course: the emergence of Madonna's disaster, for which more environments are already known.

Only a few have heard invaluable comments about Madonna. Because hardly anyone hears, when the local ladies and gentlemen give their preface when they go live to all the participating countries. They always sound the same: thank you for the great show, the balls, the great organization and, and, and.

Right there, however, the Dutch scorer smuggles strange blows in Madonna. Random Twitter users noticed – and the Australian portal Emma Wortelboer is fully switched to live switching – and this sentence broke out: "I'm so grateful tonight, and Madonna's self-tuning.

Side impact on the digital Stimmaufhübscher, which also brought a bit, the superstar. And this to millions of audiences. First you have to dare.

Incidentally, a star in the jungle camp admits there is little comparison with Madonna around the ESC.

ESC 2019: Is It Still Possible? The sisters enjoy their bad result

Update May 19, 15:26: After all, good news: we were not the last of ESC 2019 in Israel – thanks only to the jury. From viewers Germany received (as the only country) zero points! The sisters with singers Carlotta Truman and Laurita Spinelli were third. But again, Germany is experiencing a Eurovision failure. Entertainment Coordinator Thomas Schreiber, who is responsible for the ESC's ARD, wants to test the selection process that led the Sisters to the ESC: "Let's say we will continue as it is, it will surely be the wrong way."

In fact, there is nothing to celebrate with this bad result. When two years ago Levine was blurred on the ESC, she was crying like a dog castle in front of trucks. Not the sisters! In the ARD interview with Barbara Schöneberger after ESC 2019, Laurita and Carlotta cheered as if they won the Eurovision Song Contest! Is it still possible?

Since the Tel Aviv sisters are live from Reeperbahn to Hamburg, they celebrate.

Carlotta exclaims euphorically: "We danced a lot," Carlotta says euphorically.

Video: Eurovision Sisters 2019 in Israel

Laurita says, "It was a fireworks of emotions! I can hardly speak because my voice is gone. We are grateful for everything we have experienced over the past three months. "

Both are in a good mood when Barbara Schöneberger asks how things happen with them.

Laurita reveals, "We are going back home.

Carlotta says, "And I will see, Playing thrones!"

Self-criticism? Sorry for the failure? Zero! "It was an amazing time for our future," Laura said in the camera. You learn something from everything.

Barbara Schöneberger prefers not to mention the ESC crash in the interview. And prefers to talk to Laurita and Carlotta about the sweet boys in the ESC. Laurita reveals that she particularly likes the dancer from Italy. And: Carlotta and Laurita "judge the crowns of others", we learn from the sisters.

Many disappointed viewers from the ESC may have acquired the proverbial knife in the bag in front of this gaiety. Is it still possible? Only Eurovision spots – and then party?

But you can also see it in the following way: Laurita and Carlotta had fun in Tel Aviv. A great hotel, delicious Mediterranean food and cold drinks. And all of this is funded by the GEZ fees. When you see it this way, why not cheer for your solar feast in Israel with Gesnglagen?

ESC 2019 ticker: The sisters do not take the competition seriously

Even in another NDR interview after ESC 2019, there is no sign of self-criticism! "So I thought it was great!" Says Laurita for the ESC's 2019 sisters and laughs.

Carlotta can also say only positive things about the show, which did not bring us a single moment in the audience's voice: "We gave a thousand percent. We could not make it better vocal, fun. It was really, really nice!

The fact that they do not really accept ESCs seriously suggests that nurses are asking how they got the points. "We were in the bathroom," Laurita laughed. – We did singing, really! Carlotta laughs. And Laurita says, "I read WhatsApp."

And seriously, who is wondering why Germany is smudged at the Eurovision in Israel?

Real time ESC 2019: The Netherlands won the Eurovision

The Netherlands ranks first with confidence, and Sweden and Italy particularly noted well after the points were distributed by a jury and above all by the viewers. While German girls were first awarded 32 points by international jury, the failure began with the vote of viewers. – I'm sorry, but Germany. Zero points, announced moderator Bar Refaeli.

So the German singers were the only ones who went completely empty in the audience vote. The Sisters finished 24th in the 26th.

Live ESC 2019: The Netherlands Wins!

01.02 clock: And the Netherlands did it! The big favorite has defeated the other big lover!

01.01 Clock: The tide has turned, Italy can no longer win. Northern Macedonia did not get enough points. Sweden or the Netherlands?

00:58: Sweden, Northern Macedonia and the Netherlands are still waiting for their points. Everything is still there.

00:55: We are still a little shocked, all other nations are announcing clear points. So far, Germany is the only nation that has not received any viewing points. As this is an almost insignificant issue that now leads Russia and Norway to the top.

00:54When announcing the viewing points, the points of all viewers are collected and announced together. The model and the announcer say something embarrassed: "I'm sorry for Germany. Zero Points, Zero Points, A total of 41 nations together, Absolute disappointment, Absolute disgrace, Even the audience in the hall can hardly believe, And the arena passes through the noise, Our poor girls This puts us in third place.

ESC 2019 in live ticker: Germany gets the first points

00: YES! Sweden leads! Currently Germany is ranked 21th, and now the jury votes are followed by the voices of the audience. He can still turn everything around.

00:44: While Northern Macedonia already has 223 points, our Sisters have collected 26 counters so far. Oh, wait! Switzerland gives us another six points!

00: Our Danish neighbors give us the next points – eight counters increase our intermediate score to 26!

00: Northern Macedonia is still leading, followed by Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden. It is still possible, nor can anyone win.

00:38: Five points from Lithuania to Germany! Now we have a total of 18 points – but we are still at the bottom of the list of participants. Pity. Maybe our girls will ruin again.

ESC 2019 in live ticker: Germany threatens to fail

00: Barbara Schöneberger announces the German jury's Reeperbahn points, Italy gets our twelve points. However, northern Macedonia still leads. The woman with the sparking bra probably had no one on the screen.

00: Hey! The following points for our "Sisters". Australia gives us three points, now allows us to climb several rows. I hope the girls will keep this.

00: Northern Macedonia can continue to pull off at the top, even the beloved Sweden can not catch up. Is the decision already taken? Now we have 10 points worse than Spain and San Marino.

00:26: And the next points for Germany! Belarus gives us eight points! We did not expect that!

00:24: A new leadership is emerging, with northern Macedonia already score 118 points. And finally we get points! Ireland gives us a total of two points. Until now, at least we are not the last.

Video: So much paid on Madonna Milliadär for ESC appearance

ESC 2019 in live ticker: Germany is empty so far

00:23: While Estonia gets five points from Italy, we go empty-handed. Now we are in the last place, together with Spain and Israel. Meanwhile, northern Macedonia is already leading, followed by Sweden and Italy.

00.20 hours: Italy continues to settle, and now Favor Sweden finally climbs to the fore. The shirt of sales can really win. Nobody should have expected that.

00.18 clock: A little encouragement between them. At least we are not alone last. Even Israel, Estonia and Spain are still flawless.

00:15: At least the Dutch cream with about 29 points on top, Italy, however, provides a great surprise so far. With 55 points, the Italians and Mahmoud are at the forefront. Our girls go so far empty.

00.12 clock: So far, all favorite voices do not look correct. Absolute favorites so far are almost irrelevant, but Italy, Russia and Macedonia are at the forefront. Crazy World.

ESC 2019 in live ticker: Voting begins!

00: And the vote begins! And what else did we expect – Germany, of course, is empty.

23:55: And here it is finally! Madonna goes on stage – the Queen of Pop is the most important part of today's event, and with an absolute hit and an unbelievable show, Madonna provides an absolute sense of goose. "As a prayer" has written history in the past – it was worthwhile to stay awake for a long time, he compensates everything today! The performance is not perfect, distorted notes and a strange stage show – but it fits into the Eurovision Song Contest.

23:49: As if we have not done enough today, last year's winner Netta now comes with her new single. Yellow dress, strange look. Suitable for ESC!

23:35: Before Madonna finally came to the stage, she spoke with the 26 participants in the Eurovision bravery. Some of them will need this, but not everyone can win!

23:28: The fourth intermediate race is now presented to viewers. As if we could forget one or another musical act.

Video: The catastrophic broadcast of Madonna in the ESC

ESC 2019 in live ticker: Now the audience can vote

23:18: Still, viewers can vote while different artists distribute timeout for points. But let's be honest: we're all waiting! Madonna will be on stage soon!

15.13: Our clear favorites: Sweden, Sweden and Sweden. The Netherlands was also great, from the Czech Republic – an unusually good pop song. Switzerland declares itself. And Serhat from San Marino has played in our hearts! Well, Na Na!

23:08: So! Now viewers can call their favorites. How does the ESC 2019 vote today? Can you vote for Germany? Everything important for the Eurovision vote.

23.05 clock: Even Spain has been pre-qualified for the ESC in advance without the participation of the spectators. Spain is at the bottom of list 26, we hope it will not be in the ranking of other nations. These are not good prospects. We assume where Spain can take over later.

23:03: Australia is also considered a great favorite, but unfortunately we can not understand. The appearance is more reminiscent of a bad version of Disney's "Ice Queen". Why is Australia actually in the ESC?

ESC 2019 Live Ticker: Luca Hannie impresses with the best performance

22:56: So, now comes Luca Hannie. The young man was known primarily in Germany with his victory in "DSDS". Now he starts for Switzerland and is even considered one of the big favorites among bookmakers. If only we were to send it to Israel for us!

22:53: It seems that Nevena Bozovic is going through difficult times. The very good Serbian singer performs completely black and the song looks very painful. But the crack in the dress is a revelation. Sometimes optics are more than just talent.

10:48 Since one of the great "Big Five" Italy had to compete in every semi-finals, it was already determined in advance for the final. We are not sure whether Mahmoud was going to be selected in the final by voting for the audience. Gabs shirt actually in sales?

22:45: For a long time France has been declared the favorite, but Bilal Hasani's exclusive performance is not really convincing. He nevertheless puts a sign, the public on the spot has fallen!

ESC 2019 in live ticker: Iceland shocked by SM broadcast

22:40: A real scary fact tonight: Azerbaijan's song is really in the ear. And stay there. It's time for Luca Hänni to take us with his charm!

22:35: So now there's something for the people watching TV to see. Although Zena is only 16 years old, clothing screaming for Ü18. The young blonde really is very borderline for Belarus. The rest of the carpet is covered with white leather boots as the music is almost over, the song is really good!

22:32: Estonia is here! And the song is a real pleasure right now. From now on he can only go up.

22:31: Well no. We are not talking much about Iceland. Terrible. Please remove this group from the scene. So when they win, we lose faith in God ESC. This is more like SM porn. I want to go. Please Estonia, come on stage! I'm afraid! But who are these "musicians" in fact?

ESC 2019 in live ticker: Norway charmed with a strange song

22:21: The UK is now joining Michael Rice. Ако сме честни, не можем да си спомним младия мъж от полуфиналите. Но все пак не е важно, той няма да спечели. Продължете със следващата, моля!

22:19: Сега идват певците на KEiiNO от Норвегия. Песента все още се помни от полуфиналите. Песента определено е нещо различно. Може би не всеки би го харесал, но мислим, че е страхотно! Наклон може да бъде добър също! Така че ние обичаме нашия конкурс за песен Евровизия!

22:13: Водещият Израел отново удари тихо. След миналогодишната победителка Нета направи изявление с пронизителни дрехи, сега страната се опитва да ребалансира репутацията си. Постигнете им перфектно. Една наистина добра песен, защото не можеш да кажеш нищо.

22:09: Катерина Дуска се опитва да изведе Гърция и Гърция на челните места. Е, можете да опитате веднъж.

ESC 2019 в live ticker: Favorit Niederlande с наистина голямо представяне

22:05: Така! Някаква сериозност, моля! Сега идва Холандия, в Швеция друг голям фаворит. Днес това ще бъде надпревара. Наистина страхотно изпълнение, страхотна песен. Въпреки това Швеция беше голям номер на къща. Първо Сан Марино! Все още помня Серхат. Na Na Na Na!

22:03: Тамта от Кипър вече предлага пълна контрастна програма. Нашият пулс се увеличава, сърдечните състезания се включват – какво представление! Ужасна песен, ужасно шоу. И какво носи тя?

Тамта от Кипър е на финала на Евровизия.

© dpa / Илия Ефимович

21:55: Сега трябва да бъдем много силни. Вече е 10:00, но трябва да останем будни, ESC трае още няколко часа. Въпреки, че приносът на Словения за поддържане на будността наистина не помага. Певците Зла Крал и Гаспер Шантл също са много уморени. Почти стигнахме до стола тук. Действие Чисто! No.

21:52: Първият голям фаворит влиза на сцената, Швеция изпраща наистина добър избор на Тел Авив с певец Джон Лундвик. Младият мъж определено ще може да изчисти някои точки след няколко часа.

ESC 2019 в live ticker: Сан Марино вълнува – поне ние

21:45: Neein! Не след като Серхат ни постави в щастливо съботно вечерно настроение, Северна Македония идва зад ъгъла. Ще бъдем отново върнати на земята. Това беше щастливо. Певицата Тамара Тодевска отново страда. Много драматично изпълнение. Просто си мислим за щастливата поява на Сан Марино.

21:42: Сан Марино стреля с певицата Серхат, но птицата е напълно изключена. Кой казва, че само млади художници могат да дадат на ИСС идеалното нещо? 54-годишният не пее много добре, но песента му прави нашия крак повече от потрепване и колко симпатичен е този спектакъл, моля?! Мега!

21:38: С Леонора Дания не само изпраща много хубава певица в състезанието, но и много, много щастлива песен. ESC също може да бъде хубаво, след последните няколко приноса, които сме едва смеели да вярваме. Моля ви повече!

21:33: Появата на руския певец Сергей Лазарев не се нуждае от думи. Страхотна песен, любима позиция на ESC, хубав мъж. Point. Давай!

ESC 2019 в live ticker: Сестрите се развеселят след появата си

21:28: Сега те идват, нашите "Сестри"! Обзалагам се, че повечето зрители всъщност дори не ги познават. Приятно ми е да гледам и двете са да, песента е, с други думи, не жълтата на яйцето. Но едно нещо трябва да им бъде оставено: те могат да пеят. Веднага след като изпълнението свърши, двамата се забавляват най-много на сцената. Двамата със сигурност са облекчени, че вече е приключило. Със сигурност някои от зрителите.

21:23: Една от големите ни фаворити сега е на сцената: езерото Малави прави с поп песента си "Приятел на приятел" за дръпване в крака. Голям фаворит за нас. Но какво вече знаем? Красивият мъж в жълтия пуловер със сигурност ще получи повече точки от Германия.

21:20: И тя продължава да бъде изключителна. Албания осигурява перфектната доза драма, певицата Джонида Маличи видимо страда на сцената. Надяваме се, че тя няма да пострада повече, ако точките бъдат обявени по-късно.

21:15: Накрая! Най-накрая започва! А също и директно с много лошо представяне, Малта е на нея. Облеклото не го прави по-добър. Когато вали, поне ръцете остават сухи, практични!

ESC 2019 в live ticker: Големият финал!

21:13: Днес отново водим четирима водещи чрез програмата, но дори и днес всички очи отново могат да бъдат на Бар Рефаели. Каква красива жена! Само в полуфиналите носеше много къса рокля и дори се наведе напред в нея.

21.08 часа: Въпреки това, упоритите фенове на ЕСК трябва да изчакат малко, преди първият закон Малта да запее. Домакинът Израел е напълно резервиран, различни музикални изпълнения съпътстват влизането на 26-те държави. Докато момичетата за Германия са по-склонни да получават Mau, Лука Hänni е приветстван за Швейцария. Момичета, мисля, че днес няма нищо.

21.04 часа: Тази година ще участват 41 държави, като 26 от тях са представени с живи актове тази вечер. Миналогодишният победител Нета отвори шоуто, със сигурност много специален външен вид. Облеклото е нещо много специално. Как обичам ESC!

Нетта в много дръзко облекло.


21:00: И да тръгваме! Започва 64-ят конкурс за песен на Евровизия!

ESC 2019 в реално време: Майкъл Шулте осигурява настроение на гъска

20:53: Михаел Шулте е на сцената няколко минути преди началото на ESC 2019. t Певицата постигна абсолютно заслужено четвърто място през 2018 г. и привлича публиката в заклинанието си. Абсолютно велика песен!

20:46: Кога ще се превърне Германия на Евровизия 2019? Кога пеят любими? Ето началния ред за ESC финала – разбира се, също като PDF за печат. Остават 14 минути, напрежението се покачва !!

20:36: За тези, които не могат да устоят на вълнението, ARD вече продава време. Майкъл Шулте също е на сцената. Певицата завоюва четвъртото място за Германия миналата година и днес е част от германското жури!

20:31: Малко след половин час е крайно време подходящите ESC фенове да се подготвят за подготовката! Да похапнеш ли нещо там? Всички песни и участници в надпреварата под лупата? Тогава отново на тоалетната и след това започва!

ESC 2019 в live ticker: Барбара Шьонебергер открива програмата ARD

20:23Особено цветовата комбинация на Барбара Шьонебергер изглежда като трън в страна на някои зрители, но очакваме наистина високи концерти по-късно на големия ESC-етап!

20:21: Феновете на ESC трябва да издържат около 50 минути преди да започнат. Дотогава ARD преодолява времето за изчакване с показване на обратното броене, водено от никой друг освен Барбара Шьонебергер.

20:15: Шансовете за участие на Германия в ИСС 2019 не изглеждат твърде добри. Още един музикален принос за него. Лука Ханни се смята за един от фаворитите на състезанието, много немски зрители вече можеха да познават името. Бившият победител на DSDS не пее за Германия.

19:32: Въпреки че финалът на Евровизия 2019 не започва до около 21:00, първите съперници вече започват да печелят. В навечерието на музикалното състезание, коефициентите за залагане на международни букмейкъри ще покажат кой всъщност може да бъде напред във финалите. Ако това стане от букмейкърите, Германия има много лоши квоти.

ESC 2019 в live ticker: Франция във финала с добри шансове

18:59: Немският акт на вечерта вероятно ще бъде неизвестен на много зрители. Дуетът "Sisters", състоящ се от двамата певци Carlotta Truman и Laurita Spinelli, се бори в 21 часа за доброто разположение на Германия. Но един от двамата певици очевидно има не само амбиции като певица, но и като актриса.

Актуализация, 18:25: Бавно актовете в Израел се подготвят за голямото шоу, в 21 ч. Накрая започва големият финал в Тел Авив. Въпреки че Германия не е сред големите фаворити, досега останалите народи са много популярни. Андрогинният Билал Хасани е за Франция и се откроява. Появата като Conchita Wurst му дава реалистични шансове за победа.

+++ Миналата година Германия зае отлично четвърто място на Евровизия. През 2019 г. отново можем да съберем червения фенер. Wettprognosen sehen das Duo Sisters (eigentlich schreiben sie sich S!sters) auf dem letzten Platz.

ESC 2019 im Live-Ticker: Der deutsche Beitrag kommt gar nicht aus Deutschland

+++ Tatsächlich ist der deutsche ESC Beitrag gar nicht in Deutschland entstanden, sondern bei einem Schweizer Eurovisions-Songwriting-Camp.

+++ Deutschland ist heute auf dem vierten Startplatz. Bei uns finden Sie die komplette Startreihenfolge zum ESC 2019.

+++ Der Sieg von Lena Meyer-Landrut ist mittlerweile neun Jahre her. An Lenas Sieg beim ESC 2010 konnte Deutschland in den vergangenen Jahren nicht mehr anknüpfen. In den vergangenen Jahren reichte es für Deutschland beim ESC ein paar mal nur zum letzten oder vorletzten Platz.

+++ Ein paar Länder sind heute beim ESC 2019 zu sehen, die man nicht unbedingt unter die europäischen Länder einordnen würde. Wir haben bereits erklärt, warum heute Australien, Gastgeber Israel oder Aserbaidschan beim Eurovision Song Contest dabei sind.

+++ Möglicherweise holt „Down Under“ heute sogar den ESC-Titel. Die australische Teilnehmerin Kate Miller-Heidke gehört zu den Buchmacher-Favoriten auf den Sieg beim Eurovision Song Contest.

ESC-Finale 2019: Miserable Chancen für Deutschland

+++ Auch wenn man viele der ESC-Teilnehmer nicht kennt, gibt es doch einen großen Namen für das Finale in Tel Aviv: Superstar Madonna wird heute Abend mit zwei Songs im Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center auftreten. Sie wird zwei Songs vortragen.

+++ Null Punkte für Deutschland beim ESC wären übrigens keine Neuheit: Wir gingen bereits bei den Eurovisions-Wettbewerben 1964, 1965 und 2015 leer aus. Eine Blamage wäre es trotzdem.

+++ Wie oft darf ich heute Abend abstimmen? Und kann ich für Deutschland stimmen? Wir haben bereits erklärt, wie die Abstimmung und das Voting beim beim Eurovision Song Contest funktionieren.

ESC 2019 im Live-Ticker: Wird heute im Finale live oder Playback gesungen?

+++ Falls Sie sich wundern, warum bei den einzelnen Eurovisions-Beiträgen keine Band auf der Bühne zu sehen ist: Wir haben bereits erklärt, ob die Teilnehmer beim ESC 2019 live oder Playback singen.

+++ 26 Länder treten heute beim ESC 2019 an. Deutschland gehört zu den „Big Five“-Ländern (mit Großbritannien, Spanien, Italien und Frankreich), die sich – mit Gastgeber Israel – nicht für das Finale qualifizieren mussten. Im ersten Halbfinale lösten zehn Länder ein Final-Ticket, im zweiten Halbfinale qualifizierten sich zehn weitere Länder.

+++ Wie gewohnt wird heute Abend wieder „Mr. Grand Prix“ Peter Urban den ESC kommentieren.

+++ Zu den Moderatoren beim ESC 2019 in Israel gehört heute Abend Supermodel Bar Refaeli.

ESC 2019 im Live-Ticker: Die Gewinner der letzten zehn Jahre

ESC 2019: Die Startreihenfolge der Länder heute im Finale







Jonida Maliqi

"Ktheju tokës"


Tschechische Republik

Lake Malawi

"Friend Of A Friend"







Sergey Lazarev





"Love Is Forever"


San Marino


"Say Na Na Na"



Tamara Todevska




John Lundvik

"Too Late For Love"



Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl








Duncan Laurence




Katerine Duska

"Better Love"



Kobi Marimi





"Spirit In The Sky"


Großbritannien (UK)

Michael Rice

"Bigger Than Us"




"Hatrið mun sigra"



Victor Crone





"Like It"







Bilal Hassani








Nevena Božović




Luca Hänni

"She Got Me"



Kate Miller-Heidke

"Zero Gravity"




"La venda"


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