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Ex-GZSZ star Mike von Bremen: Invalid with 38! "It made me move into a strong depressed sentiment"

A heavy blow to Mike von Bremen! Due to chronic inflammation, the actress suffers for months in severe pain, making it impossible to continue her profession.

For years, Maike von Bremen (38) is one of Germany's most prominent television broadcasters. From 2002 to 2008, she played Sandra Lemke (later Sandra Ergun) in the daily soap "Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten". Even after her departure, she remained faithful to acting, she was seen in series like "Anna and Love," "Marienhof" and "Flicking the Heart". More recently, the beautiful brunette focused more on the theater scene than on the screen.

Former colleague of Mike Ulrike Frank (50) recently changed GZSZ to "Dance" parquet. And intensive training shows its effect. How much her character has changed, she revealed in an interview with BUNTE.de:

She is about to retire

But now Maike can not continue to pursue his dream job, it's only 38 years before he leaves the job! As the actress explained in an emotional publication on her page at Instagram, she suffered for months from chronically inflamed eyelids that make normal life impossible. "To be exposed to this constant pain and to" stand up "to the fact that it makes me an actress who is not able to make up (since I can not make up anymore and wear contact lenses), it made me move into a strong depressed mood. "So, Mike's honest words.

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Beloved, many asked me why I stepped back, so I have with me if I call the real reason, or if it makes me even deeper when I carry it out and it's written in black and white. But the truth is that she somehow feels healing to communicate. For nine months now I have been fighting with my eyelids, who are chronically inflamed, causing dry pain. To be exposed to this constant pain and to "stand up" to the fact that it makes me actress as an actress (since I can not make makeup anymore and do not wear contact lenses), it has made me move into a strong depressed sentiment. Add to that the fact that in my private life I find it difficult to accept my glasses because too many negative beliefs from my early school days when I was very irritating to my thick glasses. Yes, I feel like I've been locked behind the window glass for months and "I see the world happy, successful and beautiful." I went from a doctor to a doctor, a therapist, and another alternative treatment. Many approaches (still) have no solution. I have read a lot about dealing with chronic symptoms / pain and self-healing and I am aware of the potential that the crisis brings because I firmly believe everything makes sense and the difficult times are always a gift with us – but I have not yet managed to open the packaging paper. I remain on the alert in the process and will certainly share my thoughts and feelings with you again and again because it helps me to feel less cut off even if I can show up with the dark side. And yes, even on this picture, the glasses just disappeared quickly on the head … it is said that in order to heal, this is the actual state of accepting – practicing the night.??♀️ #stateofbeing

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"The fact is that even in my personal life I find it hard to get my glasses," continues Mike. Because of the "thick glasses" she had been seasoning long ago, now all the bad memories come again. "For months I feel as if I was sitting behind the lid behind the window and watching the world happy, successful and beautiful," he describes his emotional state.

Doctors can not help her

The tragic: improvement does not look in the eyes, because Mike can help everyone so far. – I went from a doctor to a doctor, a therapist, and another alternative treatment. Many approaches, not (still) solution, "says the 38-year-old. She has no choice but to learn to live with the situation. "It is said that in order to heal, it is necessary to accept the state of being – I am still practicing." Her followers give her many exalting words and courage. We also wish Mike a lot of strength in this difficult time!

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