Tuesday , June 15 2021

Exchange Express – Foreign Currency: The euro is again rising in US trade over $ 1.13

The euro is on Tuesday at
Trade in the US further expanded its daily profits. About an hour ago
closing Wall Street costs
Common Currency 1.1336 USD. In the Frankfurt trade of
This morning it was up to $ 1.2558 and so on
lowest in November.

The European Central Bank (ECB) had some of the reference price
Hours later are set to 1.1296 (Monday: $ 1,1309). on
Dollars cost 0.8853 (0.8843) euro.

In addition to optimism about ongoing discussions in the customs dispute
There was also evidence of a cessation of the US-China conflict
US Budget Spill To Raise Risk In The US
Currency market. The US dollar, however, is considered a safe haven and fell
respectively again under pressure.

A few days before the threat of a new "closure" of the US government
The Republican and Democratic negotiators spoke
Congress of a fundamental agreement. Specific details
So far, however, it has not been

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