Saturday , May 21 2022

Fingerprint login: Firefox for Android now supports passwordless login – Digital


There are still several services that offer the WebAuthn authentication method. Firefox now also allows password-free login for Android devices.

Following the Firefox and Chrome desktop browsers, Firefox for Android now supports online password-less login. The input then works for biometric functions such as a fingerprint.

This is accomplished through the WebAuthn (Web Authentication) authentication method, which has recently become the official Internet standard. Consequently, there are almost no services offered by WebAuthn so far.

WebAuthn works like this: If, in addition to the browser, the service in question supports this method, the user only needs an identification component to log in – for example, the mentioned fingerprint sensor on the smartphone.


In addition, WebAuthn can also act as a so-called second sign-in factor to provide better account security. The principle is called Two-factor authentication (2FA) and works like this: You enter your password, but you also need to identify yourself with a second component. This may be a special USB flash drive, an smartphone with an application, or a biometric login procedure.

For now, however, services like Dropbox, Facebook, or Google only support WebAuthn as a second factor, but not for direct login. The same is true for Microsoft, where logging into the WebAuthn-2FA account only works on Windows. (AP)

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