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Formula One: Monaco GP as a sign of Lauda's death

In the Mercedes Lauda box, which triumphed in Monte Carlo in 1975 and 1976, it is no longer appearing. For a long time the silver arrows waited for the return of the triple world champion to the team that he had recently been chairman of the supervisory board. "He embodies heroism, humanity and sincerity on and off the track," the honorable manager of TOTO WOLF, the Austrian on Tuesday. "Nicky, you're just indispensable, there's never going to be anyone like you again.

Mercedes honors the Formula 1 legend and will mark his cars with the words "Danke Niki" and the signature of the deceased Austrian at the nose of the cars. One of the stars on the bonnet will be red as a tribute to Lauda. This design will continue throughout the weekend of Monaco, but there will be more adaptations. From Thursday, all team members will wear black bracelets.

Even with Ferrari – as the Scuderia Lauda 1975 driver and world champion since 1977, he acted from 1993 to 1995 as a consultant (Piccolo Commendatore) – the grief is great. "Everyone in Ferrari is deeply saddened by the news of the death of our dear friend Niki Lauda. It will always be in our hearts and in those of all Ferrari fans, "the team said. Team Leader Mattia Binotto praised Lauda's contribution to the development of Formula One. "With his talent and charisma, he helped more and more people around the world love our wonderful sport."

GP of Monaco in Lauda

The media day on Wednesday before the Monaco Grand Prix was all about the deceased triple world champion.

Ferrari flags on a half mast

All teams and their drivers, but also the organizers, want to place signs in Monaco in memory of Lauda. In addition to Mercedes, especially Ferrari and McLaren, where Lauda was active in important positions, worshiping the Austrian. Ferrari announced "visible signs of cars" as a tribute to Lauda. Scuderia also places the flags of the semi-master and illuminates in the 312 T Museum, with the first world champion Lauda 1975, in a darkroom specially.

Lauda lost in all routes, including four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel. "You can not pay enough attention to what he has done on and off the track. It will leave a big hole that no one can fill, "said Vettel of the Ferrari motor home in Monaco.

Hand kiss made headlines

In the principality Lauda won twice, each with Ferrari. In 1975, Emerson Fatipaldi (McLaren) and Carlos Brassham (Brabham) came on the first wet path to the Brazilians. 1976 – again out of position and just a few weeks before his serious Nurburgring accident – before his teammate in Switzerland Clay Regatzoni and Sweden Ronnie Petersen (March).

The pictures of the kissing princess Gracia Patricia (Grace Kelly) made headlines all over the world. Lauda called this gesture "normality" because of his good upbringing. For the Austrian Grand Prix of the narrow road chain on the Cote d'Azur was one of the most important competitions for the year. "Everyone knows that victory in Monaco is just as important as winning the World Cup. It has just as much shine as PR and media impact, "Lauda said.

Nicki Lauda with Gracia Patricia and Prince Rainier III. at the Monaco Grand Prix ceremony. Monte Carlo. May 14, 1975

Pictures from the 1975 awards ceremony with the princely monk and Lauda went to the world

Mercedes dominates the test

This year's sporting activity in Monaco is mainly about whether the dominance of Mercedes – the five success of the team at the start of the season – means a Formula One record – will also continue in the Principality. The silver arrows have – with the exception of three not earned extra counters for the fastest lap – have so far been withdrawn to the maximum number of possible points.

In the street roulette, Lewis Hamilton and Walter Bottas, of course, want to make half a dozen full. British Champion Hamilton led the World Cup after his victory in Barcelona with 112 points of seven Finn Bottas counts (105). The main heroes of the first two pursuers are somewhat defeated, the Dutch Max Verstadt in Red Bull (66) and German Sebastian Vettel in Ferrari (64).

In 2017 and 2018, followers hope

I hope these two teams will give the results of the last two years. 2017 Vettel won in front of his former Ferrari teammate Kimi Raikkonen and Daniel Ricciardo, 2018, the Australian Red Bull before Vettel in Ferrari – only then Hamilton came to Mercedes. The superiority of the Starfleet makes Monte Carlo so happy to take a break.

Daniel Ricardo (Red Bull), Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

GEPA / XPB images

Last year, Hamilton (right) congratulated Fürstenloge only in third place behind Ricciardo (in the middle) and Vettel (left).

However, Mercedes made a significant leap forward in the slow corners this year, which does not bode well for the race for this weekend. "In recent years, we have always been very good at the fast track, at Silverstone and at the Spa and Monza, which has shifted a bit to the slow corners," said Wolf recently in Spain. – I hope we can prove that in Monaco.

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