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Futuristic for Citroën's anniversary | Tiroler Tageszeitung Online – News from Now!

Paris – Still in jubilation mode is Groupe PSA Citroën. Nearly every week, the label refers to the vehicle manufacturer's achievements achieved in the 100's of automotive technology. Citroën's team not only goes back in time but also dares to think about future mobility. With AMI One, introduced at the beginning of the year, the French unveiled a small show car that could move purely electric in urban areas. Concept 19_19, a model that was presented this week at Vivatech, a Paris-based trade show, shows how things can move off metropolises over the next few years.

With open wheel arches, a silhouette of a coupe, fantastic lighting design and a luxurious interior, concept 19_19 is provided. The design team seems to have been inspired by aircraft, not to mention a "passenger capsule", a "clear helicopter cabin", a "fuselage of an airplane".

However, CITROËN's electrically driven design is designed to operate on the ground. The power is set at 340 kilowatts (maximum torque: 800 Newton meters), the acceleration from zero to 100 km / h takes place in five seconds, the maximum speed reaches 4.66 meters at 200 km / h. The battery has a capacity of 100 kilowatt-hours , and the Citroën range is over 800 kilometers (WLTP). It takes only 20 minutes to load time to go back about 600 kilometers – at least that's what the company means.

Stronger statements about driving modes – because concept 19_19 is designed to manage autonomously in certain situations; but in challenging conditions one has to take the helm.

Another emphasis is the Advanced Comfort suspension system coupled with active roller stabilization. In addition, 19_19 shines with voice control, with main display and lounge barbecue (press release: "living room like"). For Citroën CEO Linda Jackson, the show is "our technological, innovative vision for the automobile future." (Hoesch)

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