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"Game of Thrones": New Season 3 Season 8 Photos Prepare Winterfell Battle

In the third episode of the eighth season of "The Game of Thrones" there will be a big carnage because the Night King's army stands on the gates of Winterfell …

Conlet Hill like Varis and Peter Dinklage as Tyrion

1. Conlet Hill as Varis and Peter Dinclage as Tyrion

© HBO / Helen Sloan

For the upcoming "Game Of Thrones" the episode was through Weekly entertainment fewer photos are released than the week before the second episode of the eighth season. Probably not much is expected. The pictures we see now as a taste seem quite bleak. And not just because it's a battle, it's about it they are actually quite dark – you see very little. But this is not due to the poor quality of the image, but to the intent. Because, according to the operator Robert McAlhlan, you want to achieve the most natural look without much extra lighting.

The creators have succeeded, the eighth season is darker than ever. In the above photos it is almost partial to see what is happening, especially during outdoor photos. For example, Dannerius Targarien (Emily Clark) and John Snow (Kit Harrington) look down from a hill on the brightly lit winter skin."We suspect they came out with one of Danny's kites to get an overview of the situation.

Bryan and Jaime shoulder to shoulder

Sophie Turner and her sister Arya (Maisie Williams) stand on a railing. Sansa has not yet descended on the alleged protection of the crypt. Arya is expected to take an active part in the fight. Bryen (Gwendoline Christie) is already in the midst of the action, Jaime (Nikolay Koster-Waldau) stands next to her, as announced. They lead the knights of the Green Valley, whose shields show the Arring family's coat of arms. Tyrone (Peter Dinklage) and Varis (Conlet Hill), on the other hand, are waiting in the crypt, which may not offer as much protection as they hope …

The third episode of the eighth and final season of "Play of the Thrones" will be broadcast on the night of April 28-29, 2019.

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