Tuesday , July 27 2021

Glowing foam with Paris Hilton

For the upcoming glamorous shooting with the American photographer, Yu Tsai has no better star than Paris Hilton. Not only because the owner of the hotel has lost nothing of its splendor even after years of publicity, but also because, as a DJ, it annually throws up Ibiza's foam. Together with Hilton, the girls should logically put in the middle of a lake with foam.

Vanessa immediately put her on the butt, but she was also visibly entertained in the picture. The result was impressive. Cecilia was much harder now. The photographer even compares his charisma to a cleaner cleaning in a club. It was not wild enough for him. Klum was disappointed with Cécilia's lack of initiative while complaining to Hilton. It's about me, about my shooting, about my accessory, "she said.

Sayana and Simon, on the other hand, did well again. Especially Simona looked professional, she could not see all the problems. Sara, however, found "all the little ominous" – perhaps because she said "baby birthday makeup" in her face. "I started sleepy but it got better," said Clum. Both Lena and Tatiana are obviously struggling to include Hilton. "I have not seen our Tatyana model so badly for a long time," Klam said while Tsai thought Lena's poses were cheap. "It was just shit," she said after the picture.

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