Tuesday , September 21 2021

HAK Lienz was successful with a new concept

From the school building to the public – under this slogan Handelsakademie (HAK) Lienz appeared at the Johannesplatz yesterday. Students are informed about educational offers with maps, posters and floor cubes.

Since the beginning of September this year, not only the classic branch of entrepreneurship and computer science, but also "RIGHT plus." In this training course, young people bring their personal strengths and hobbies into the classroom – not only for students, but also for those who use the class.

A new offer has been taken, said director Josef Pretis. "I counted on the HAK-plus class, but it was two, with 22 students each." On Friday, December 14, there will be an open house at 9.50 am to 3 pm. (Co)

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