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Huawei's own operating system probably in the autumn

Shenzhen – China's Huawei group wants under its massive pressure from US sanctions to have its own operating system by next spring. It should work on smartphones, computers, tablets, TVs, cars and portable devices and be compatible with Android applications, said Huawei user department manager Yu Chengdong. Phoenix News from Wednesday on.

The software can now be completed in autumn. The development of its own operating system, which has been running since 2012, has given the world's second-largest smartphone maker a new urgency, as the US government has decided to massively limit the business of US companies such as Google and the Chinese group. This will make Huawei later than other smartphone vendors new versions of the Android operating system and can not pre-install Google services.

90 days postponement for Huawei

Originally, US President Donald Trump banned all Friday activities, but reduced the measures for 90 days. This will guarantee first of all the delivery of already supplied smartphones, as well as the operation of mobile networks with Huawei technology in rural areas of the United States. The company is the second largest smartphone provider in the world, and also a leading provider of networking equipment.

For Huawei smartphone users one of the steps is that Google will continue to provide updates and applications to today's Huawei customers over the next three months. However, lightweight does not apply to the use of US technology in new products.

The US places Huawei on a black list of companies whose business relations with US partners are subject to strict controls. Anyone who wants to sell or transfer Huawei's US technology must be licensed. This can be denied if security interests are concerned.

Huawei is suspected of US authorities in the use of her espionage business for China. Evidence has not yet been publicly disclosed. The US is also forcing other Western countries, such as Germany, to keep Huawei out of networks for the future ultra-fast 5G cellular standard. Huawei always rejects US claims. (APA / DPA)

Mobile giant EE launches 5G network without Huawei devices

British mobile giant EE announced on Wednesday the launch of its 5G network at the end of May. But unlike recent announcements, customers will not be able to use the next-generation mobile standard at least for the time being with Huawei phones in China.

After EE announced last week for the introduction of the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G in the UK, the device still remains, according to EE chief Mark Allier.

The reason for this is that EE can not guarantee the required security of services, Allera said. That is why the launch of Huawei's smartphones is "stopped" – while EE receives the necessary information on long-term customer support.

The background is the huge wind from the US to the Chinese technological giant, triggered by US President Donald Trump's decree. After the US Department of Commerce put Huawei and its subsidiaries on a black list, US giant Google broke off most of its dealings with Huawei on Sunday. This, in turn, can have serious consequences for Huawei smartphone users, with restrictions on updates to the Google Android operating system or access to services like Gmail and Google Maps.

The US government has granted a three-month moratorium on technology exports to China's telecoms company on Monday. In addition, both Huawei and Google highlight, for the users of the current devices, nothing changes initially. However, uncertainty may make Huawei face increasing difficulties in bringing its phones to customers outside the Chinese domestic market.

However, EE has announced that the mobile operator's 5G network will initially be launched in six cities on May 30th: London, Cardiff in Wales, Belfast in the northern part of Ireland, Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester. As the company that belongs to the telecommunication company BT announced further, by the end of 2019 it should reach 1500 seats.

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