Wednesday , May 18 2022

Influencer Kaserol: These are Sarah Harrison's bridesmaids


The time has finally come! After months of preparation, Sarah (28) and Dominic Harrison (28) are giving their second anniversary today. In 2017, the two had already been married – but now there is a huge party ahead of the wedding ceremony. On this great day, Sarah's friends do not forget to join us and join us as bridesmaids. This team of influencers gathered the beauty on her wedding day.

Not only her best friend Liz Cyber ​​is present at the mega party (27). – seven more girls also dressed for the blonde. In Sarah InstagramHistory fans can watch the fans as Sarah and her girls prepare for the ceremony. With sparkling wine, pink bathrobes and lots of balloons, the party starts for the group. The bridesmaids of the internet star apparently are all influencer colleagues – Karina, Jessica, Julia and Co. all have a fair number of followers and have been on the bride's social media channel in the past.

In her story, the former candidate student also revealed: Even under her wedding dress she wears something very special. "Now I have to show you my mega-hot lazy"Sarah explained, showing a white tights with Team Harrison's imprint on the camera.

Sarah Harrison with her bridesmaidslennPhoto Gallery Button
Sarah Harrison with her bridesmaids
Sarah Harrison's bridesmaidsInstagram / sarah.harrison.official

Sarah Harrison's bridesmaids
Sarah Harrison between her bridesmaidsInstagram / sarah.harrison.official

Sarah Harrison between her bridesmaids

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