Monday , October 25 2021

IPO in the eyes: German family insurance starts again with the river message


Just two weeks after the company held IPO in difficulty in the context of the difficult capital market environment, DFV dared to make another push. Together with the syndicate, the banks decided to give up again the opportunity to subscribe for shares, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday in Frankfurt. Offers can be made between November 23 and 29. The price was set at EUR 12 for the share. Prime Standard Trading is scheduled for December 4th.

3.8 million will be offered new shares from an increase in capital. The reallocation option amounts to 570,000 shares held by a shareholder and made available to banks in the form of a loan for securities. It is possible that even so many shares will be created through a further increase in the company's capital.

If the options are fully met, the issue is expected to amount to € 52.1 million. The money must go completely to the company. Initially, DFV was hoping for 100 million euros, but the expectation was then adjusted to a maximum of 79 million euros. / She / jha /


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