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Jungle Camp 2019: Bastian Jota takes over his own father

Updated January 26, 2019, 21:31

Bastian Jota will not return after the 15th day at the jungle camp. He was chosen shortly before the final, polarized, but even after his departure. This time his own father must believe it.

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"I think that's sensational," enthuses Bastian Jota from his appearance in the jungle. Although the 42-year-old is the final of "I'm a star – take me out of here!" has not been achieved, he is still pleased with his performance.

"I will do everything in the same way again," he said shortly after moving to a news spot news agency. Does he mention his emotional child confession in the jungle?

Now he expects

While the motivational coach would be ready to bury the ax with Chris Teoperviev, he has long been seeking a rival: his father.

"Today is the day I lost all my respect for my father. The reason: In the jungle, Jota had said she was beaten like a child. But his father denies this. Above all, Yota wants an excuse. – I've been waiting for that for 42 years.

It remains to be seen whether the two men will meet again. After reconciliation, however, the 42-year-old's words do not sound.

He discovers that his father has no "spine, no eggs" and shows he is bitterly disappointed with him. "Man Beyond Help" is Yota's sentence. (COS)
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It's hard to believe, but the jungle camp starts on January 11 already in the 13th season. These were the initial twelve candidates and they had to leave the camp in that order.

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