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Lena Meyer-Landruft reports a partnership with H & M – and reaped a storm

The singer announced at Instagram that she would soon have "Selected by Lena" dresses at H & M. The reactions of this collaboration are not just positive.

A short video and an euphoric post at Instagram announce the new project of Lena Meyer-Landrun: "It's official! On 03.05. It's so far .. There will be an exclusive H & M SELECTED BY collection from me. @hm Thank you very much – it's so wonderful and things really nice! "the singer wrote in the social network.

For many fans, enthusiasm is limited

The fashion company joins forces with the Hanoverian to release an exclusive summer collection in which Meyer-Landrut has chosen his favorite look. Clothes made from materials such as lingerie, creamy, white and green tones and partly palm motifs will be available in stores and online.

Here you can see the Lena Meyer-Landrute's post at Instagram:

"It is a pity that you do not support a sustainable, honest business"

On the website of H & M, the singer is quoted as saying, "I love how beautiful summer, light and at the same time the collection is multifaceted." Her favorite pieces are "white linen dress and kilt". In addition: In addition to positive reactions and sweet emotions, there are also many criticisms of Instagram.

Shitstorm refers to the fact that Lena Meyer-Landrun has chosen H & M for their co-operation – a fast fashion group that has been repeatedly convicted of negatives such as low wages, child labor, or tons of new clothes destroyed. "It's a pity you do not support a sustainable and honest business," some fans say, some of which have a lot of words.

The fans want another statement

"Lena, you seem to be a reflective person, so you can not assume you do not know the origin," says the follower. "You also say that environmental consciousness is important to you. This way of thinking is not in keeping with fast fashion. Destruction of the environment, low wages, cruel working conditions – is everything worth making your bag even more complete?

"Other" small "influences, who do not have millions on their credit cards, can only cooperate with sustainable brands. This mind mentality, as practiced by Lena and other celebrities, I find simply infinitely sad. You should always ask yourself which account you are currently taking, "is another comment. Another follower writes: "I think you are so great! And so beautiful! Especially strong person! But what about the Fairtrade brand? For example, Armedangels (Cologne) or Kings of Indigo? That would be a statement. Especially the week of the fashion revolution :).

Sara Nuru Promotes H & M "Conscious Collection"

Meanwhile, Lena Meyer-Landrue's celebrated model, Sarah Nuru, also promotes H & M: The former winner of the "Next Model of Germany" is the face of the Conscious Exclusive Collection and H & M's regular Conscious Collection. The fashion group sells Exclusive clothing made of recycled and other durable materials such as organic cotton, Tencel or recycled polyester. Although they are a little more resilient, fair production conditions are lacking – besides, at least for the Exclusive collection, this is a limited supply, which is just a small part of H & M's fashion.

Sara Nuru's cooperation seems a bit surprising, as she stresses in an interview with Utopia, that it will model only selected partners and customers: "What matters to me is what they convey: sustainability, for example, diversity is important to me and pure image ", – said the model in the conversation. At Instagram, she has written that she has collaborated with the fashion company: "Although H & M just started and much has yet to be done, I find it important and right that big brands use their influence and look for durable materials such as organic cotton or recycled polyester . Use PET bottles and move the changes. I hope many other brands from small to big will follow and take responsibility. "

Here you can see Sara Nuru's post at Instagram:

The model also had to accept criticism

Nevertheless, Sarah Nuru had to criticize her commitment, which, unlike Lena Meyer-Landrum, draws attention to "sustainable fashion": "Of course, for such big labels it is important to use sustainable materials, but for so long is still happening at the expense of the health and living conditions of the seamstresses, she still has a very dense connotation, "says a follower. "… The negative spiral continues to spin, so, I say, keep your hands off such marks!"

Utopia says: H & M's sustainability efforts are likely to respond to demand. However, as a core fashion group, H & M draws attention to the theme of "sustainable fashion" and thus reaches a broad audience. We would prefer to do so if celebrities such as Lena Meyer-Landrucht or Sarah Nuru are glad to support small, fair fashion brands that produce truly honest and sustainable fashion – and represent a good alternative to "sweetheart".


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