Thursday , July 29 2021

Martin Stroble is wounded at the World Handball Championship: Inner ligament and crossbreeding – sporting mix

Is that bitter?

Martin Stroble (32), a playmaker of our national handball team, suffered an inner tear and tear from the front knee ligament in the left knee in the World Cup crash against Croatia!

Strobel diagnosis at Strobel!

Without an unknown action, Strobel had turned his knee in the ninth minute of the game and was immediately taken out of the stretcher corridor.

The player-maker himself: "Unfortunately, it made me difficult." But he continues to cheer with the team: "I believe in this team and I wish the boys for the rest of the tournament to leave," Strobel said in a statement from the association.

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For Martin Stroble (here against Serbia Mialo Marseni) the World Cup is overPhoto: WITTERS

Poor diagnosis means for the Strobel tournament. On Tuesday morning, the player will leave the World Championship quarter. In the coming days will follow the OP!

National coach Christian Prokop: "Martin has put the national team on the road with great dedication, and now we are also playing for him.

Prokop can make two more changes. Whoever takes a seat in Strobels is still unsolved.

Tim Sutton (22, Lemgo), Franz Semper (21) or Niklas Piechkovski (29, both Leipzig) could be nominated as deputy. DHB Vice President Bob Hanning: "Tim Sutton will be a hit for the youngsters." He was already alive in the Cologne hall yesterday.

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