Tuesday , July 27 2021

Microsoft: Xbox console without planned optical drive

Microsoft plans for the coming year, the new Xbox console, which is not stronger, but less hardware: It dispenses with optical drives and can only play digital games through download or streaming services.

Published information Thurrottwhose sources of information about Microsoft's plans are reliable in the past. The purpose of the new console is to reduce selling prices. Among other things, with the removal of drives, consoles should be offered around 300 to 200 or less dollars. It should not be a classic console with an optical drive but not; even such models are offered in new, cheaper revisions.

This parallel strategy shows that Microsoft has learned from the hauruck announcement in the launch of the first Xbox One. Although streaming and digital purchases are slowly being formed by publishers, changes in the sales model crawl until most players no longer buy at the store. To accelerate this transition, Microsoft will offer a "Disc-to-Digital" program. At participating traders, players can redeem their games on BluRay for digital, account-related versions and continue to use them on affordable Xbox consoles.

The next generation of Xbox with or without a drive?

Is the next one, it is expected that the Xbox 2020 console will still have an optical drive, Microsoft has been hard Thurott not yet decided. However, the group wants to commit immediately, the report said. Apart from that, the two Xbox One consoles position themselves as a further step towards their successor of the Scarlett model generation. At least two models are also planned for this. One can only be used for streaming, other games classically count.

The basis for switching to a pure digital sales model, which must be done initially with the Xbox One, has been Microsoft in the past few months. With Xbox Game Pass a Spieleabo was established, in streaming offers working in parallel. Classic acquisition of games on optical storage media so that loss is more important.

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