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"Digital paralysis" is a new keyword around (school), smartphone headache and neckache. How to deflect it.

14:32, November 6, 2018

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On average, young people use their smartphones or tablets for more than two hours a day. Children often use additional game consoles. Special posture – head tilted forward – leads to neck tension, neck pain and finally also head and back pain. Why? "In this posture, the cervical spine hangs on its ligaments, burdens and burdens into chronic irritation, which results in headaches, neck and back," explained Ronald Dorotka, an orthopedic specialist and orthopedic surgeon. As a reinforcement, the lack of movement and the absence of sunlight will be added – both are very important for the development of hard bones and natural resistance.

The back carries weight

Background: Our heads weigh an average of 4-6 kilograms. If it is bent about 15 degrees, an additional 13 kilograms will work behind it. The lower the head sinks forward, the more it loads. If you look at your mobile device, your head often drops 45 degrees. In this case, the strength of more than 20 kilograms acts behind. In this position, our cervical spine must resist high strength. The ligaments constantly stretch, the muscles are tense, the area cannot be supplied with blood.

Of course, it's not new that his back is tense wrong. Often, people complain about back problems that sit several hours a day at the table. "Whether on the table or using a mobile device: It's important that you change your posture every now and then to prevent back problems," the doctors agreed.

The best tips for returning to health:

1. relaxation exercises: For example, move your head from right to left and lower your ears to each shoulder until the pull is felt in the cervical spine. Stretch your head and pull your shoulders down.

2. Lower your eyes instead of your head: Bring a mobile device closer to your face and lower your eyes than your head and neck. Again and again check the posture and correct it if necessary.

3rd movement, movement! To strengthen muscles, exercise at least once or twice a week and combine sports into everyday life, for example: stairs instead of elevators!

Thumb pain

Texting is intensive on smartphones while it leads to a problem known as "thumbs up SMS". Constant typing is repeated tension in the fingers. One possible consequence is inflammation of the tendon that leads from the thumb to the forearm. Inflammation is seen by piercing or drawing pain. This occurs during grasping, pushing and holding the thumb movements and causing restriction of movement. Complaints are not only felt locally on the thumb, but also spread along the tendon in the forearm. The inflamed tendon is often palpable as hard and warm swelling and is very sensitive to pressure.


After consulting a doctor, stretching and strengthening exercises can be done. In addition, some patients feel that local heating or cooling applications are fun. This improves blood circulation and thus speeds up metabolism in the affected area. You can do this by heating a cherry stone pillow or by placing a cooling pad wrapped in a cloth over the inflamed area.

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