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Nintendo announces new console: All information about Nintendo Switch Lite

Updated July 11, 2019, 22:11

Nintendo has announced a new version of its switching console. Switch Lite is smaller and lighter than the big brother – but loses a major feature.

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The video game and console manufacturer, Nintendo, releases a new version of the key. That announced the group on Wednesday.

The device is called the Nintendo Switch Lite and differs significantly from the normal switch: the new console can not be connected to a TV or monitor via a docking station.

Instead, Lite is a portable portable console like Nintendo 3DS. The hybrid function of the normal switch, which can be used both as a stationary and portable console, thus falls with Lite.

Lite must be able to use all games to switch

However, the two console variants are compatible with each other. For example, lite owners can play online with their friends who own the original key.

Also, all games on the original Console Switch will be able to play on Lite – as long as they keep Handheld mode. This is the default case for most titles.

But also switch titles without manual support can be played using the Lite wireless controller. However, they must be purchased separately from the console.

Removable Joy-Con-Controller as they come with the original key, Lite does not. Instead, the input devices are permanently installed on the device.

Smaller display and lighter than the original console

In comparison, Switch Lite is 91.1x208x13.9 millimeters slightly smaller than the original console with its 102x239x13.9 millimeters.

Because of the difference in size, the display is also more compact. So players of Lite have to deal with only 5.5 inches, while the bigger switch in the manual mode offers a 6.2-inch display.

But Lite with 275 grams is much easier than the normal key. This by default weighs 297 grams. With the connected controllers, it even reaches a weight of 398 grams.

Issuing is not yet clear

As far as battery power is concerned, Nintendo remains unclear on its website. In this way, the life of the battery can be longer than six hours, but it depends on the software used for Lite and the conditions of use.

For example, the popular "Legend of Zelda: Breathing Wildlife" should be played on the device for about four hours, the normal switch comes with battery charging for about three hours of play.

Nintendo's latest console will be released on September 20th. For the issue, buyers can choose between a yellow, gray and turquoise version of Lite. What device will cost in Germany is still not clear. The Nintendo site has so far only cost about $ 200. This will be about 180 euros.

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