Thursday , June 17 2021

"Playing on Thrones" Season 8 In Stream: Episode 2 See Online – How It Works

Often several streaming providers share the rights to the same series; For example, "The Big Bang Theory" is currently being run by both Netflix, Sky and Amazon Prime Video (April 21st). Unfortunately, this is not the case for "Playing the Throne": among streaming subscription services, fans will find all seven seasons, as well as the eighth season only Sky Ticket (or Sky Go, if Sky customers and entertainment) package).

Sky Ticket is the internal pay-TV streaming service that allows selected categories of Sky's offer to be reserved for a short period of time without long-term subscription. Heaven entertainment The ticket covers the repertoire of the series and allows users to transfer the whole assortment of the Sky series at any time and place – except "Playing the Throne" and various other series such as The Walking Dead, 8 Days or 4 Blocks ".

There are regularly paid 9,99 euros per month. New customers can touch the series offer via an action ticket a little cheaper: Sky offers Sky-ticket users a two-month series for 14.99 euros instead of 19.98 euros. In addition to Season 1-7, the Entertainment Ticket covers and Follow the 8th seasonwhich appear between April 15 and May 20 (one episode weekly).
After the trial phase, the ticket costs € 9.99 per month on a regular basis – if it is too much, you can cancel the membership at the end of the test phase.

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