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Popular TV presenter dead (40): Michelle Hunziker mourns over her colleague Nadia Tofa


Michelle Hunzicker is now grieving her colleague, Nadia Tofa.

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Host Michelle Hunzicker is now grieving for a colleague. The only 40-year-old Nadia Tofa succumbed to cancer. The two women share a special story.

Brescia / Italy – At the age of 40, Italian television presenter and journalist Nadia Tofa died unexpectedly. The host of the show, Le Lene, has already released her cancer diagnosis in 2017. Her colleague Michelle Hunzicker said good-bye. The two women share a special story.

Moderator Nadia Tofa has died unexpectedly: Sender is taking leave

Nadia Tofa announced in 2017 not only her diagnosis of cancer, the presenter has her fans since then involved in their disease and their lives. On July 1, the 40-year-old then published her latest public announcement. Since then, silence has prevailed on the profile of the jolly journalist, now the message of death.

The team at their Le Lene program made public shortly after the sad news on Tuesday, saying goodbye to her Nadia. "You fight with your head held high, with a smile, with dignity and with all your might, to the last, to this day," you read, among other things.

Michelle Hunzicker in Moving Words: The presenter says goodbye to his colleague

But most of all, the words of her former colleague Michelle Hunziker are likely to get under the skin of many fans. "Who knows how many people have made you think about the meaning of life, we will miss you so much Nadia, hello to our Frank," Hunziker explains in a published photo of the presenter. Many fans are unaware that a few years ago, the two women joined the same manager, Franchino "Frank" Tuzio. He also died in 2017.

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