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Seven mistakes reduce enjoyment

Cooking coffee is a daily ritual for many. However, mistakes often occur that affect taste. Of these seven habits, it's worth going away.

If the taste of the coffee is bitter or water, it is not always due to beans. However, it is worth buying high-quality coffee.

Error 1: Invest only in the coffee machine

The kitchen is the high-tech dairy foam machine, but full of the cheapest beans. The problem: Although expensive equipment is optimally regulated, it affects the temperature of the boiling and grinding of the grains. However, they can not process lower grains for best taste.

At retail prices about three euros for 500 grams, the quality of coffee beans often leaves the desired.

Error 2: Do not clean the coffee maker

Since the machine only comes in contact with coffee, many simply rinse it with water. However, if fine dust remains in the device, they will dry up over time and release oil. This is noticed in a greasy, rancid film that makes the next taste bitter.

Error 3: Transfer the ground coffee

Buying whole grains and grinding them is something that many consider unnecessary. The best coffee aroma is guaranteed in complex preparation: ground coffee beans react with oxygen in the environment. While coffee is not packed in airtightness, it loses something of its taste.

If you do not want to buy a coffee grinder, you do not have to transfer the powder to another container but leave it in the original packaging and remove the necessary parts of it. Even in the coffee box, the dust gets unnecessarily into contact with the air.

Error 4: Repair grain nipples

Grinding coffee beans is not so easy. If the dust is too fine, the water will pass very slowly. The taste of coffee is not only stronger but also bitter because the powder has come in contact with water for too long.

Long grain beans, on the other hand, are too short in contact with water: the drink has a taste of water and also bitter. That is why coffee grinders are the best choice for regulating the grinding rate.

Error 5: Pour the powder with boiling water

Even if it means "making coffee", if you brew filter coffee, the powder should not be poured with boiling water, otherwise the aroma of the coffee will disappear.

The ideal water temperature is between 92 and 96 degrees. Those who use a stove can also take the risk of burning valuable powder flavors.

Error 6: Keep the coffee warm

Warmer is a proven way to keep tea warm. However, when it comes to coffee, the pads cause damage to the taste: If the drink remains on hot surfaces for too long, the value of pH falls, which affects its acidic taste. On the other hand, there are nothing with the thermos flasks.

Error 7: Keep the coffee in the refrigerator

The coffee remains fresh for longer if stored dry and cool. However, this does not mean that the refrigerator is a suitable storage place. On the contrary, as fast as coffee loses its own flavors, it quickly absorbs strangers. If stored up to cheese, sausages and onions, this can affect the changing taste of the coffee.

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