Sunday , June 13 2021

Several serious forest accidents in Upper Austria

Several serious forest accidents in Upper Austria

Gilgen BERG / Moosbach / ST. MARIA churches. In Upper Austria, four men were seriously wounded in forestry at the weekend.

Genskirchen Forest District Emergency Services (Wels-Land) Photograph: Mathias Lauber

There was a 48-year-old Gilgenberg (county of Braunau) in his brother's woods at 9.00 am shortened ash. The man was hit by the falling tree and clutched his right leg. He cut the trunk itself to free himself. His brother provided first aid and stopped the rescue.

The 48-year-old girl from Upper Austria is brought to Braunau's hospital with severe foot injuries, police said.

in Moosbach (Braunau County) The 61-year-old Austrian is injured when cutting spruce. When the man wanted to cut two branches out of the already lying tree, the rack tilted the man and pressed Fe. The relatives released their 61-year-old youth. After first aid he was treated to the hospital in Braunau.

in Marienkirchen (Eckering) During the carpentry, the ash stump had been cut into a steep forest. Three men tried to raise the three-meter rack over a tree. As a result, the tribe slipped and caught the right foot of a 79-year-old retiree. It dissolves in the ankle joint. The other two men brought the wounded pick up to the nearby farmer, where they took care of him from the ambulance and then took him to the Wales hospital.

Already on Friday, as reported, a 33-year-old forest crash ended Gunskirchen (Wels-Land) with a light hand.

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