Saturday , June 12 2021

Ski: Paris makes rules in Kitz, Striedinger finds the "right mix"

Kitzbuehel (APA) – Dominique Paris is and remains a Kitzbühel specialist. South Tyrol won his third victory on Friday and his fourth win at Gamspath. Once again, the Swiss Beat Feuz was defeated, missing two tenths of a second in his first Kitz triumph. The third place for Austrian supporters was Carinth Omar Strindinger.

For the 27-year-old, who started with race number 27, he was second in the World Ski Cup after finishing second in Beaver Creek's Super-G 2013. "Then the troy is on, of course, I would not expect," says the native Villarreal, who is 0.37 seconds behind. "I am very happy that today I found the mix between the attack and the laxity." Even after his training, he thought, "I can be very fast there."

The dramaturgy of the race was heavily influenced by the weather, but from around the start number 25 the visibility improved significantly. "I'm glad I took advantage of this," Striedinger revealed. His roommate Daniel Danklemmer, who many were treated as a secret favorite after a hard workout, even went with number 41 to fifth (+0.94).

For the most part, however, the day was disappointing for the Austrians, some of whom started out as favorites. Hannes Reichelt, who opened the race, finally finished eighth (1.11), Matthias Mayer was ninth (1.17). Christoph Neumayer took second place two seconds back, and Vincent Krichmayer, Max Franz, Johannes Kreh, and Christian Walder were eliminated. Franz was already swinging in front of the steep slope, according to OSB's information complaining about a blow to the pain in the right heel. He was then examined for the moment in the unit.

Paris was clearly happy with his twelfth World Cup victory. The grandfather from Ultmann is included in the list of the many winners of the classic Austrian legend Karl Schranz. "The trip was pretty much on the border. I did not feel so good at all. It was a bit better down, said the 29-year-old who won the race in the final. "I like the risk of going down when it's not like Val Gardena," said Paris, who also won the Super-G in 2015.

Faise does not complain about the renewed victory of Kitz. The selective tyrolian, who was already close to him, finally managed to get on Streif, where he got everything. "I definitely can not go faster than today's conditions, it's a great ride for me, and the Dominik has driven two-tenths faster, you have to accept it," says the World Championship leader who has always been on the podium after the last five races.

"Radost" was Danklemmer. At the top I thought of W-Hackl: Ah, that was not all … but I had to hit the others pretty well. I am now too happy, "reported Styria from Haus im Ennstal. – Below I had a slight shock in Traversa. Yet you have to risk, I did, and I thank God for working.

Reichelt had discovered the departure number 1. "Looking up, it was not the happiest number. The trip itself was really good. There are only a few small things where I say they are not so clean. But the track in the area and the final are sure to get faster, "said Salzburg. Meyer spoke of "pure" riding. – It was technically good. I had a pretty good speed, but it was not enough. Perhaps he would have been more skillful than the start number, I would have gone even further.

Kriechmayr twice avoids falling with impressive body control, but eventually he can no longer stay in the course. Already in the mouse, Upper Austria almost flew but continued its journey. Hausbergkante rescued again acrobatically, but instead of the safety net, he landed on two feet in deep snow.

Then he was disappointed. "Of course, I'm happy to go down safely, but that was not my ambition," said the 27-year-old. "I wanted to win the race, I was at full risk, and it did not work from top to bottom, probably too much on the track." She wanted to do better in Super G on Sunday.

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