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So he imagined the funeral

After a long illness the phase to the left Nicki Lauda he died at age 70. His family said he was on Monday night, 20.5. "Peacefully asleep in the circle of his close family," at the University of Zurich.

His family joined him

"Nicky"You were a unique warrior and unusual man," the family said. "We love you and we miss you forever and forever." Matthias, Max, and Mia.


In an interview with "the picture" "said Nicky Lauda a few years ago for his funeral. The cause of the serious problem was the death of a close friend buried in the sea. The reporter remembers the scene, Lauda showed him the clip of his boyfriend's departure: "The video is Robbie Williams' Angels, and later," he says, "the editor said about the moving moments with Lauda.

Honorable tomb?

"Nicky Lauda will get an honorary grave and the city will offer it," the spokesman said. The topic was not discussed in the family, a Lauda family spokesman said at a request from APA.

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