Monday , July 26 2021

So Kraetschmer & Co

Robert Ibertsberger (coach of FC Austria in Vienna):

… for the game: "The game was actually a crash for us, it is inexplicable to me how we get the goals and we partially lose the order in the second half.If you are 2-1 up, you just have to give a lot more confidence, and keep the ball longer in your rows, but we did not do it at all, it was not good enough.

… for the current situation: "It is clear that this is not pleasant, I was aware that it could overturn, I am no longer puzzled after the game, but it makes me wonder how we did in many phases of the game.

Alon Turgmann (FC Austria Vienna):

… for the game: "It was not enough We wanted three points Finally, we were naive and paid for that.

… for the fans' discontent: "It's not good, I understand them and want to do everything to get points, and next time we will try to get better.

… how important were his two goals personally: "When I came to Austria, everything was ok, then I had this bad trauma, the last time I had to wait for my chance on the bench, of course I'm happy that today I can use it .

Ralph Moore (FC Austria, Vienna):

… for the dissatisfaction of the fans: "They gave their dissatisfaction to freedom, of course you were extremely disappointed and you informed us about it, and we told them our point of view, disappointment is just as great with us as any fan. Of course you have to face this.

Markus Kraetschmer (Chief Executive Officer of FK Austria Vienna):

… for the discontent of the fans: "It was absolutely good because we have a full understanding." President Hansel and I had a long discussion yesterday with leading supporters … You just have to say, as we presented ourselves today, then you understand the disappointment.

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