Saturday , May 8 2021

Stefan Pesner becomes a Dancing Star

Fans, be careful! As they learned AUSTRIA, they will be in the new "Dancing Stars" – a candidate for a former BFP politician, Stefan Pesner. This has already been confirmed by AUSTRIA by the ORF. He will make parquet with a dance partner. A popular dance show paused in 2018. But since the program was very popular, the next season will be restarted in March 2019.

Also a second name appeared: former skier Liz Gorgl will announce, according to AUSTRIA, also in the current season of "Dancing Stars" mittanzen.

The third starter is the actor Martin Leutb. The actor must get a second chance after hurting in the eleventh season and staying within a short time. He is now scheduled for Season 12 in March.

Moderator Ferdinii won 2017

In the twelfth season of the hit format nine celebrities will face the challenge of dancing and together with professional partners compete for the successor to moderator Martin Ferdinis as a dancing star. He won the show in 2017.

According to the broadcast on Tuesday, the moderator will take on the proven duet Mirjam Weicherburen and Klaus Eberhartinger. As usual, the jury and the television audience will assess what is required. In order to become better acquainted with future dancers, no one will leave the first show, the points for this solo dance will be taken for the next week. The final will be held on May 10, 2019.

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