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Strict Punishment for State Advocates «

Graz, "Anyone who undertook to change the constitution of the Republic of Austria or one of its federal states by force or by virtue of law or to divide an area belonging to the Republic of Austria shall be punished by imprisonment of ten to twenty years." On Friday, Steirerin Monika U. (42) was convicted.

Her (not yet final) sentence: 14 years in prison. U. had to respond to the hearing held by the Graz Straflandgericht. This had already begun on 15 October 2018. The accused were 14 so-called State objections – persons who reject a government order.
Grouping around leading figure W. called himself "Confederation". In vain, internal logic or even some ideology was sought. In a mash of anarchist utopias and a strict denial of state authorities, the republic was not depicted as such, but as a simple "company". Citizens have been called vaguely "people of blood and flesh".

The Federal Army must be arrested

The goal of the Confederation of States is to use the armed forces to create a self-constructed fabric of nine new 'states'. For the amazing military, even arrest warrants have been issued that have been handed over – provided that the members of the federal government are detained.

W. saw himself as a future president of this federation. Their motto is "truth, light and love."

The judiciary does not reject such a project as a harmless spinning, but classifies the activities of the "state" (they are also perceived quite seriously by the defense of the constitution) as a "massive" action against the institutions of the republic.

T. is guilty of attempting to incite treason, leading to anti-state involvement, serious and commercial fraud, coercion and attempted abuse of office. Until recently, the prevented "president" speaks of "light, love, flesh and blood" – after announcing the verdict, she declared "absolute contradiction".

Judges in Grazer Strafland court have already notified 14 hours on Thursday for a total of 14 indictees. People's judges had to answer 300 questions.

On Friday morning, they had to rejoin the professional judges to measure the penalties. Besides Monica W., her adjutant Jacob St. He was convicted of attempted treason and other crimes (not final). St. He's a former gendarmerie officer. He received ten years in prison.

Partial sanctions

A total of eight of the 14 statesmen were accused of betrayal (most recently in 2002 they were convicted of this crime). For six of these eight people, however, this is not enough to convict. On the other hand, all 14 had to take a conviction for involvement in a hostile state. The sanctions for the twelve slain defendants are between 1 and 3 years of imprisonment. Most sanctions were imposed in part. (M.S. / APA)

("Die Presse", printed edition, 26 January 2019)

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