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The laser cannon improves the world

The Felsenreitschule is the Salzburg stage with the largest airspace – perfect for the techno-installations and air acrobats of La Fura dels Baus. Of course, this is not necessarily a stage that tolerates very hot air. What has calmed down somewhat after the wild picture and the textile orgy at Mozart's premiere: Mozart's music – including incidental music for Tamos – still survived relatively unharmed.

But what does "Tamos" mean? "T.H.A.M.O.S." is the name of the production. Each point gives the optically almost bombastic sense Aufgemotzten. The play by some Tobias Philip Frierer von Gebler, to whom Mozart wrote the incidental music, is a drama for improving the world in the sense of the Enlightenment, filtered through Masonic ideas.

Sci-Fi like fast food
Carlus Badrisa of La Fura dels Baus sets his fantastic story in a "not too distant future" – not without giving a detailed narrative about ancient Egypt. The top of the laser pyramid is torn by clouds of fog. Behind her are other pyramids, from Thailand and Mexico. And Matterhorn, too sharp. So the lack of a European pyramid of happiness is easy to support. If there are no pyramids, at least we have postmodernism. Thus, the robbers between Tamos, enlightened king of treats and his evil opponents are touched as a mythical stew as a fast-food menu in the future with a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids.

Content is irrelevant: Once the dictator Ramses has been popularized in the afterlife – embalming Sarastro aria "In these sacred halls" – Thamos is set to be (original sound director) "inventor and true democrat". He invented a great machine that absorbs all the free energy of the world and "transforms it into living art". But there is not only Freid-Gluckler's rest, but the crowd driven by the crowd. Their handles are special Bosnigeln, which as a Spiderman and a woman exercise vertically over the Felsenreitschule's arcade walls or rotate in the air.

Heading out, bombarding light effects and pyrotechnics is illustrated. There are melodic interludes of electroacoustic music (composition: Urbez Capablo). The living electronics equipment makes a lot of visuals and distracts from the lyrics, the pseudo-philosophy of swim and colorful styles: "We are the loss of beauty, the abduction of cruel globalization, the twilight of the secret eyes at the mandatory age exposed to humans." It only helps: Let the blood flow, the menstruation of the senses! "

The people of La Fura dels Baus understand their imagination. When the rock arcades of the Rock School of Riding fall into the depths, when the rocks break and the stone walls crumble, hold your breath for a moment. Such an improvement in forecasts also urgently needs to neutralize the banal.

It's not about singers
Oh yes, music. Conductor Alondra de la Parra, a Mexican woman in New Mexico, holds together the Salzburg Chamber and the Salzburg Bar Cho, which is overwhelmed in the huge stage. This is a great achievement given the distances and the noise and vanity. Stage music for Thamos – choirs, interlude music, melodrama – is not a material by which one knows how to get God. From the Magic Flute, you've borrowed the two aria Sarastero and Paminas, "Oh, I Feel It", "Behold," Aria "Tiger", only wet the nails, plus a youth symphony. Peaceful performances? This is not what this production really is.

How can the vocal ensemble happen? The color and tongue of the skin may have been criteria. Each one recites his lyrics in his native language: soprano Fatma Said in Arabic, tenor Nutthaporn Thamathi in Thai, bass René Pape in German. Spanish and Catalan complement the Babylonian confusion of words, which is abrogated by a textual projection. Of course, in Babylon you tried a tower, not a pyramid.

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La Fura dels Baus (production)

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