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The lawyer and the detective placed the video camera

Vienna. More and more details about the creation of the video of Ibiza are coming to light. Thriller, because he could not be more exciting. It is now clear how AUSTRIA's research has shown that Vienna lawyer Ramin M. and detective Julian H. have trapped Johan Gooden and Heinz-Christian Strash and made the scandalous video.

AUSTRIA reveals the secret of the video:

  • In the center stands the Viennese lawyer Ramin M. He establishes the contact of Johann Gudenus with the alleged oligarchic niece Alhana Makarova. On March 24, 2017, the first meeting was held at the Le Ciel Viennese noble restaurant – a forest estate owned by the Guden family, which the wealthy Russian believed to buy.

Detective Julian H. acts in the video with the Russian

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Detective Julian H.

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Attorney Ramin M.

  • At this and other meetings, a German named Julian Thaler joined the Russian as a companion. He was a long-time friend of his, says Advocate M., according to Goodwin. Later, the meeting schedule in Ibiza began to play.

  • This Julian Thaler, who plays the video along with the fake niece, is called real life Julian H. and runs a detective agency in Munich. This is confirmed by the security expert and former detective chief Sasha Vandl in an interview with oe24.TV: "I trained Julian H. The Ibiza video is my handwriting, I immediately recognized it in the videos.

Video on the subject
Supporters of Strache's video were revealed

Video production costs 600,000 euros

  • The two – lawyer M. and detective H. – have known each other for years, are friends. The Viennese detective, who lives and works partly in Munich, but also has a residence in the 7th district of Vienna, is said to be quite a floating figure. Years ago, he was involved in industrial espionage by the Austrian company Plasser & Theurer, also known to journalist Gert Schmidt, who also published a survey of the Ibiza video organizers on his site. This is also confirmed by Wandl against oe24.TV.

  • Attorney Ramin M. and Detective Julian H. are the authors of Strache's video. Ibiza's video production costs are estimated by expert Wandl at "around 600,000 euros".

  • They offered the highly explosive material "for 1.5 million to 5 million euros".

  • In fact, the Ibiza video should not be the first one for this procedure. As early as 2015, the same lawyer, M., had to offer both the SPÖ and the ÖVP-related consultants who alleged that Strache had been seen with illegal substances. Then it is said that the attorney has asked for one million for him. These footnotes never materialized.

  • Which motive behind the Ibiza video is still unclear. Self-effort by lawyer and detective to blackmail the right amount of money?

  • Or is there a client behind it? Wandl suspects, in any case, "political counterparts" behind the video.

  • Who in Austria and Ibiza in the role of Oligarchennichte is happening is still unclear. Wandl suspects that this is a prostitute.

  • After Ibiza, there were still several meetings of Mr. Guden with lawyer M. and H. of Munich on the topic of land purchase. By the end of contacts in January 2018. Cause: The Russian woman is no longer interested in the forest. For lawyer M. and detective H. is the presumption of innocence.

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